Flashback: The D.O.C. – Suge is a Deviant, He Would Piss on Football Players

Back in 2016, The D.O.C. spoke to VladTV about the dynamic in N.W.A. changing after Ice Cube left, and things dwindled after Dr. Dre left as well. The D.O.C. spoke about his partying days with Suge Knight, whom he called a “deviant,” and added that the former Death Row CEO would laugh about peeing on football player’s legs in the shower when he was younger. The D.O.C. went on to share other stories about him and Suge being banned from all of the clubs in L.A., which you can hear more about above.

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McGregor VS Khabib (PREDICTIONS)

Fri Oct 5 , 2018
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McGregor VS Khabib (PREDICTIONS)