Full Episode: Bothe vs Bothe

Crystal and Eddie are back after giving their marriage another try. Crystal says Eddie didn’t step up and do what was needed to keep them together. She blames Eddie’s bad attitude for his inability to keep a job. Eddie says he’s fed up with Crystal’s drama and her not helping with the bills.

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42 thoughts on “Full Episode: Bothe vs Bothe

  1. He is so petty and childish, and he seemed like he is not supportive or loving at all, how the hell did they make it down the aisle in the 1st place🤨

  2. Oh my goodness. They were both annoying. They clearly cannot stand each other. I wonder how they lasted this long. Their interaction and whole relationship is toxic. What’s worse is that it’s happening in front of the kids. They aren’t any good for each other and have no business being a family. I wonder why they even got married. They are both petty but I feel he’s more of to blame.

  3. 💯 % judge had it correct!!!!!

    Omg those poor kids.

    (Hope I’m wrong , but although they both have serious issues I think that guy knows she still cares a bit for him & he’s just uses that to spite her at every turn. HE SEEMS LIKE THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE EVER!
    (Grow the f-up!….Be a man n get a frickin job that u can keep, n take care of the kids n be a half decent respectable human being for them)

    You may not love or even like her anymore (it happens), but grow up and take charge n get that house in order plzzzzzzz!

  4. These two were toxic the last time they came on and they’re still toxic now. The dude is very bullheaded— reminds me of some guys I knew of in High School. Divorce sounds like a winner in this case.

  5. Those two hate each other so much! She's so frustrated and he seems so… I don't know!Just get a divorce, doesn't matter who's right who's wrong who did what, just go separate ways . Jesus have mercy!

  6. How will i feel if my partner want to share expenses equally? well, don't we have feminist anymore? This is equality world so lets them share it.

  7. Both of them are toxic, useless and annoying…
    60% blame in the Man, and 40% blame on the Woman. Throw them in the trash🗑️🚮

  8. My ex-husband only paid $420. per month for space rent and $80. for food… and had me pay the rest of the bills.. and if my paycheck didn't cover all he would LEND me the rest of the money and kept a ledger of what he gave me and make me pay it back….

  9. Till death do us part? relationships in the world are so ready to quit and move on. Counseling won't help because its wordly advice that only fixes the problem temporary. The only person that can change this couple is God and he won't fail. Hopefully they find God and find them a partner that actually can keep their vows.

  10. He's a ass, he's full of shit lol. He know what he's doing, he just want her to look bad. But she does dumb stuff too but you can tell that is just his attitude towards people.

  11. I remember this clown- she’s the babysitter/wife. She’s a moron, get some welfare and get out. That’s what it’s for, to move on.

  12. One thing I have learned a man will treat a woman with less respect if she is not independent……
    Be empowered to be on your own they come running at you to get your attention.

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