Full Episode: Junious vs Stepney

Full Episode: Junious vs Stepney

Josh and Shantell have known each other since grade school and starting dating as teens. Shantell says she’s been faithful while away at college, but Josh cheated on her with lots of girls at school. With graduation coming up, Shantell isn’t sure if she should stick around. Is this couple mature enough to stay together or is it a case of “puppy love”.

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44 thoughts on “Full Episode: Junious vs Stepney

  1. I think that they are better off not being together. He is manipulative and has been leading her on. He got with her her senior year in high school while he was out in college doing whatever. I think that he is a great guy but she deserves better.

  2. If he cheat once he gon cheat again. Yo dumb ass fault for getting back with him. Dummy. Then u wanna sit there and ask why. Bitch he made it pretty clear he dont respect u in the past. Why u think he will change now. Femalea are so desperare and insecure. Smh

  3. I need parents to teach their daughters that their life should not resolve around a man. At 22yrs old she should be more concern with building her life opposed to getting married or worrying about a man. Its really sad these young girls will love a man more than they love themselves. Im just glad their both in school and no babies are involved.

  4. This Young Couple do not possess the skill set to maintain this long distant relationship. The type of challenges they are encountering is not what they should be going through at this stage in their young lives. He is my only one is fantasy and really not truth. He never talk like that and She wouldn't see or hear it. The real world distractions are too much for them to manage and be true to the relationship. He loves her but not totally in love with her. Its a caring thing for him. Issues about control, insecurity, attachment, commitment, long distance, possessiveness, one-it-is (my one and only), baby issues, college life, is too much for the both of them. They should be focus on their education and careers and not on He/she is my Lover for life.

  5. I totally agree with judge Lynn toler. I loved this couple. Young intelligent beautiful educated and NO BABIES 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽. I know their parents are proud. I’m so proud of them. I believe they will always love each other. But I also agree with the end comments of separating to focus on themselves. They need to date and experience other things people and relationships before getting into a long commitment because it will only stagnant their growth and ultimately show up in an ugly way later on in life.

  6. Beautiful couple nice looking and Yeah I see why she is the way she is he is her 1st everything but still got to have trust. She looks good too and I'm sure the guys hounding over her with all that "Natural in the back" lol!

  7. But honestly…she needs to move on with someone in her area and be happy….life is super short…He is insecure and will be trouble going forward…oh..and no man or woman can ever be your everything….#butGod

  8. They are young; they need to take their time finish school; date other people before thinking about being with someone forever. You don't want to be stuck down the road in fact they decide they don't want to be together. If its meant to be it will be; don't rush.

  9. They're great. Judge Lynn is right, he can't be her everything. She just feels that way bc he's all she's ever known. She better be glad that he did get that Plan B. When you have a baby with someone you're connected to them forever. They're in college, doing the right thing. I'm glad they decided to break up to focus on themselves. Maybe they'll get back together in the future when their careers are on track and they've lived more and experience things and more mature.

  10. Priority has nothing to do with what she said, when the judge said what she said she was hinting towards becoming more confident in yourself to the point that you become okay if the relationship doesn’t work out and calm towards him while you’re still in the relationship.

  11. It's sad that black people get surprised when they see educated,no kids,no ratchetness,not loud and obnoxious,black couple,its like they expect failure !!

  12. Hmm I’m too sure about the judges advice in this one. What she said is truthful but I don’t think she gave them advice on how to make their relationship work. The advice she gave can be taken the wrong way and cause them break up and who knows if they are actually meant to be🤷🏾‍♂️ non of them are actually doing anything bad. The dude cheated because she kept being a jerk. It’s wrong but it works the same for both sexes. The woman cheats when her man keeps being a jerk to her. She doesn’t have anything bad to say about his character bu yet she snaps at him when she doesn’t get her way. He got tired of it and went to another woman. Other than that he’s seems like a great guy. She calls him a bitch because he had to stay and write his essay….wtf🤔🤷🏾‍♂️. If anything it sounds like SHE needs to be a better person. So I think the judge should give advice on how to stay together if they really wanted to rather than make it seem like she’s making a mistake for being so crazy about him when he doesn’t even disrespect her. The entire time, there were more flaws about her instead of him. So at the end she’s talking about not letting him be her everything anymore….dafuq🧐🤣. Somebody need to check her.the judge should have clarified that a little better by letting her know that it’s ok to be crazy about him but she has to find balance in knowing that if she looses him it’ll be ok. But the way she said it could be interpreted as if the dude has been mistreating her and she needs to stop focusing on him.

  13. If she loved herself more than she loved him this relationship would have been over. The respect is not there and he has already shown her that she is not a priority.

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