Funk Flex vs Kid Capri: Is It Time For Them To Battle?

Funk Flex and Kid Capri are in the midst of a beef where the two have been going back and forth on social media.

Should the two battle it for charity once and for all? Ebro in the Morning discusses


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Philthy Rich and Vlad Debate over Men's Emotional Responses to Confrontation (Part 6)

Sat Jul 7 , 2018
Watch Part 5: Part 1: -------------------------------------------- In this clip, Philthy Rich discussed his foray into criminal activity starting at age 11 when he was arrested for beating up a kid and stealing his bike. He spoke about having sons now and the way he's grooming them to break the cycle of criminal activity. Philthy Rich said he frequently tells his sons how lucky they are to have a father considering how many young Black children go without a dad. To that point, Philthy Rich and Vlad discussed the impact of fatherless children, boys in particular, and the emotional instability that may result from lacking a strong male figure. Vlad said he believed men raised by women oftentimes are overly emotional and find themselves in precarious situations as a result. Philthy pushed back on Vlad's theory and spelled out some other factors that lead to certain responses on behalf of man-to-man interactions.