Future CLAPS Back At Wendy Williams For Baby Mama Jokes | “Thank God I’m Richer Than Wendy Williams”

Future CLAPS Back At Wendy Williams For Baby Mama Jokes | "Thank God I'm Richer Than Wendy Williams"

Future is BIG mad Wendy Williams for the comments she recently made on her show regarding him and all of his baby mamas. Wendy explained that he has 5 baby momas and how he has Bow Wow’s ex and also the mother of his daughter pregnant, although he just recently got back with babymomma number 3, Brittni. it was a whole mess but obviously Future is not here for it. He post a picture of himself onto his Instagram page and captioned, “Thank God I’m richer than Wendy Williams.” The internet let him have it and pulled the receipts showing that not only was Future incorrect but his math was about 30 million dollars off. Wendy is worth 60 millions dollars and Future is worth 30 million. He never recanted his comment, nor did he comment back. Either way, Wendy was only doing her job. You can’t be mad at her for that.

What are your thoughts?
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