G Herbo – Statement (Official Music Video)

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(Uh, check this out
Always, always mean what you say
G Herbo)

Real nigga till I leave
Elevated do this rapping shit, with ease
I got a brick on my sleeve
You dissing me, please
Comparing me to different emcees stop it
I’m really in the shit so I don’t pop it
Before Twitter was a trending topic
I was on the block with 30 shots and Glocks, had the spot hoppin, dummy
But they act like they don’t remember that
Been a leader with that heater, I got right up into that
You can’t never take a killin back
Whole heart was in the streets
I had to leave her get my fucking feelings back
Same spot they shot my brother, next day I’m chillin at
I ain’t lyin they was winnin till we started spinning back (spinning back)
But anyway, said enough of that let’s talk about this paper (talk about it)
Let’s talk about them jets, yeah let’s talk about Jamaica
Ask about me I ain’t never been a fraud (ever)
I went hard from the start (start)
In my city I’m a God (motherfucker)
If you know, you know
Never been no phony tho (forreal)
Rollie’s for my brodie though
Barely know joe rodeo
Heard they looking for me, I’m like oh I’m on the way
Bond money, no I’m straight I spent 130 K at the gate
They like swerve stay safe
I’m like man y’all late
Yelling “free me”, I’m like I’ve been in the crib all day
I’m in Cali thinking how I come from pissy hallways
Long as I never go back I’m that nigga, always (always)
And you know that
Been having these Ms
But they taught me not to show that (for what)
Before that like a throwback (like a throwback)
As soon as the shit go left I’m a throw back (brrrr)
And I could have bought the Rolls last year but instead I bought a 4flat
That’s no bap (no bap)
Pro Chicago, I’m pro Raq (pro Raq)
Motivation for the trenches because I’m pro black (pro black)
Real no limit so we don’t play by the rules
How the fuck I catch a case, we bought a school (damn)
Don’t be fooled, you niggas fools (fool ass niggas)
On the gram reading comments I’m like “ooh, cool, so they want me to lose”
I can’t break like I’m bulletproof (teflon)
And I can’t say what I wanna say
All I’m gonna say is before fame, bitch I been the truth
And when you put it on my name gotta send some proof (dumbass)
They like charge it to the game
I got feelings too
Shit be difficult (yeah), but still visual
Me and JB been talking about residual
Check on my analytics shit, get digital
Yo just stay up off my dick, it ain’t consensual
G Herbo (what the fuck)

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