Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade Open Up About Surrogacy

Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade Open Up About Surrogacy

Gabrielle Union has been very vocal in the past about her infertility issues and shocked us all when she announced last month that she and her husband welcomed a new baby girl into the world on November 7th via a surrogate.

Since then, there has been many comments concerning Gabrielle being in a hospital gown, comments concerning if the baby was actually hers and also comments regarding them taking the route of surrogacy.

In the interview that airs tonight on OWN, Oprah gives the couple a chance to explain it all.

Recently in a Instagram video, Gabrielle kisses her daughter on the lips and was floored by the amount of comments she received regarding her doing so and people also questioned her daughters labored breathing. Although Gabrielle is gracious for everyone’s concerns, she advised that she did not go through all of this (struggle to have a baby) in vein and if people think she would purposely harm her child, she says you have another thing coming.

Are you going to watch the interview? What are you thoughts on people being so concerned with what she does with HER baby?

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