George H.W. Bush in intensive care

Former President George H.W. Bush is in intensive care at a Houston area hospital, CNN has learned.


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27 thoughts on “George H.W. Bush in intensive care

  1. DIE YOU FUCKEN traitor, and your stupid sons also should all burn until dead. All for more cash. What is it to gain the world, and to lose your soul. H ELL will be a hole lot if fun for you and your whole family. And friends who also don't believe in God, you all will see for your own. 911 inside job. DIE YOU PIECE OF FUCKEN shit

  2. I pray for the former President Bush 41 will be healed and getting well quickly. I appreciate his great service and contributions to our country America’s greatness for our freedoms and equality of the opportunities. The former President Bush is a very sentimental person to his families and friends. He is also a very patriotic and principled leadership. When he feels touched or sad, often he will cry. God bless him and his families. God bless America and America’s greatness always by America’s own established principles of Foundations and Constitution to continue our freedoms and equality of the opportunities. May Bush families be more relaxed and sorrow released and to be blessed by God to be healthy. We will continue to work hard to build America altogether again. We will continue to do right things by our country America’s principles of Foundations and Constitution for freedoms and equality of the opportunities and learning experience to understand more and do better things for America’s greatness of security and safety, prosperity and unity altogether.

  3. My Sincere, Humble, Honest, True Prayers And Wishes From The God That May God Soon Honourable Ex President United States Of America George H.W. Bush Recovers From His Illness’s. The Most Important Thing Right Now For Honourable Ex President George H.W. Bush Is Complete Rest To His Mind And Body, With No Disturbance Of Any Sort Or Type By Any Body For Some Time Unless And Until He Completely Recovers From His Illness And Regains His Health.
    With Due Respect I Will Say That Honourable Ex President George H.W. Bush Had Serious “ Effects “ On His Mind And Health Due To Two Things The First Thing Was Strong, Sincere, True, Humble Love For Her Wife The Honourable First Lady Barbara Bush And The Second Thing Is Loneliness Which Has Been Created After Passing Of His Honourable Wife First Lady United States Of America Barbara Bush From This World. ( But The Good Thing Is That She Is Heaven) These Two Things Has Created Blood infection, Low Blood Pressure And Severe Impacts On His Minds.
    Well I Think, Daughters Are More Loved And Liked By Father’s, So I Think Honourable Sister Dorthy Bush Has To Pay More Attentions And Care, Give More Time To Take Care Of Her Father Honourable Ex President United States Of America George H.W. Bush And I Am Sure He Will Soon Becomes Well By True Love And Sincere Prayers Of All Sons George W. Bush Ex President United States Of America, Jeb Bush Ex Governor Florida, Neil Bush, Daughter Dorthy Bush, Daughter-In-Law Lara Bush First Lady United States Of America, Grand Daughter Jena Bush Hager, Barbara Bush, And All Other Grand Daughters And Grand Sons.

  4. He murdered JFK and tried to have Reagan murdered…he and his evil wife knew the Kennedy files were going to be released…he claimed he didn't know where he was when Kennedy was assassinated and there is a photo of him at Dealey Plaza that day..rot in hell

  5. i predicted he'd die soon after his wife, a double header. these people are evil and like Faust its time for them to go to hell for eternity.

  6. He is going to die! 😞 I'm a nurse and I've seen this a lot! Soul mates can't live without each other at this age. They die from a broken heart! They usually die within a year

  7. A good book The Holy War For Constantinople by Roger Crowley. The Ottoman Empre took down Constantinople,with Muhammad as their leadrer in 1453.From then on,they dictated what could be taught and preached in the Christian Church,and likely,also our schools and colleges.People pay big bucksto be dumbed down.The technology comes from thefallen angels and demon that inhabit people.

  8. These people are satanists.They have to do human blood sacrafices to satan.They eat the hearts of babies sacraficed at Bohemian Grove.The so called Christian nations are the Northern KIngdom of israel,whom God divorced and sent out of his sight and scattered them.WHY?For false god worship,sacrafising to false gods(often their own children)idolatry,being into the occult and witchcraft.This the Northern KIngdom of israel is still doing to this very day.The majoriy.REPENT NORTHERN KINGDOM of ISREAL,before it is to late.Read the book of Enoch.Audio version on youtube.See Trey Smith`s video on the Nephilim,Read the book of ACts,king james version.The real word of God has SUPERNATURAL POWER to bring down the kingdom of darkness.ONly for real beleivers in Jesus.Speak it out loud.See the video routing demons by JOhn eChardt.See the video the Testament of Solomon,see the video the Genesis 6 Conspiracy,see the video deliverance from autism by Brother Carlos.See videos by Winn Worley,Derek prince,and JOhn EChardt.The whole human race is being taken over by demons.The disembodied spirits of the giants.The children of the fallen angels.Killed in the flood of Noah.See Jack Flaws videos on the lost tribes of israel.

  9. Damn… That's the same goblin who was running around fucking up the world. Now he's "wheel bound"! 😈😈😈👍✅
    I hope the most high evils beat you in your bed, with bars of soap. Full metal jacket style!

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