Get A Mold Inspection Before Flood Damage Requires A Full Home Restoration

Mold damage is a leading cause of both structural damages, as well as the key element in most homes that unknowingly causes many forms of illnesses, from respiratory to even stomach ailments. If you home becomes flooded, the opportunity arises for mold even more, which is why you need to get a mold inspection before flood damage requires a full home restoration. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips on mold and educate you on why an inspection may be necessary. If you need more information, feel free to visit

Why Mold Inspections?                                                                                            

Mold is normally common in laundry rooms, bathrooms, as well as kitchens, as there are usually dark spaces for mold to grow, especially when your home has potential flood damage. In order to find mold in your home, you may need help, because not all mold can be seen. But what can be often noticed is that your walls or floors, or even other surfaces are starting to deteriorate. A mold inspection can help you find out where the source of moisture is in your home if you don’t know, or help you find and locate the mold if you know and tell your inspector where the mold is growing.

Mold Spreads Fast

Because mold spreads very quickly through airborne particles primarily, it can be really difficult to control. When you’re having your home inspected, you can help keep the mold from growing more and spreading. When mold starts to spread, you have to act quickly, because just in 48 hours, you could end up having mold in other places of your home. Have you ever noticed how one bad apple can start to turn an entire bag of them bad in just a matter of days? Well, multiply that times 10. Mold in your home can spread and grow in another location in less than two days.

Mold is a Health Hazard

Mold is a health hazard in many forms. Whether it’s ingested or inhaled, mold can lead to numerous issues like asthma, or even chronic stomach illnesses. Because of this, mold needs to be removed from your home. When you have flood damage, you may not even know that there is mold in your home because even after you’ve removed all the physical water, moisture collects behind walls, in insulation, and in crawlspaces. When this happens, mold can literally start to run rampant and destroy your home.

Mold Can Destroy Homes

When mold grows and starts to thrive after colonization, it actually starts to eat away at the enzymes of surfaces. If you have ever seen mold on a piece of drywall, you can remove the mold, but you’ll notice that when you scrub it away, the surface just simply dissolves. Because of this, mold is also dangerous due to the structure of your home and is worse when it actually attaches itself to wood the longer it sits.


When hiring a mold inspector, tell them all of the places that mold may be. Think of all the areas that are possibly dark and damp, and your inspector will guide you through numerous swap and air quality tests to ensure that there is no mold lingering in your home.

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Get A Mold Inspection Before Flood Damage Requires A Full Home Restoration

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