Getmybuzzup: So fate, you dropped your first album last year on your 18th birthday, released a music vid that went viral and announced a second album to drop February 16TH then out of the blue cancel it and announce an EP coming soon with Kama, walk us through what brought on that decision? 

Fate: through every test you find testimony and last year was a massive test for me so towards the end of 2018 connecting with KAMA and her brother was a massive way for me to use my testimony and combine our emotions to heal and help others heal also. That is why my music is changing so much also and will be so much more diverse, I decided to make the transition from a “rapper” into an artist.


Getmybuzzup: Kama what has it been like linking up with fate right at the start of your music career? With no time to find the ropes yourself being thrown right into the Industry?

KAMA: Before linking with Fate I had a big wall towards doing music, after jamming and finding a connection, talk about a feature in his album opened my mind to the possibility of using my voice, although nerve-wracking and a big change, so far it’s been exciting!


Getmybuzzup: Why do you think both of your sounds work so well together even though they’re incredibly different? 

KAMA: I believe the connection established through our music comes down to the relative emotions were both currently facing, although our situations are incredibly different the emotions shared are the same, which compliments both our belief as to why music is the answer to both our healing.

FATE: exactly what KAMA said I couldn’t agree more, we are both incredibly different not just as artists but as people also, but as she said the one thing that we do share that are the same is our Emotions and through that, we where able to find an amazing vibe to create something immaculate.

Getmybuzzup: Do you guys feel pressure? 

KAMA: Definitely, but it’s different from any other pressure I’ve felt, a pressure to open my whole self to the world without fear of judgment, it’s scary but it feels good and motivating.

FATE: oh god yes, haha yuh, but it’s the kinda pressure where it hits me and then I don’t stress about it too much because I now constantly have all these eyes on me but if everybody dropped dead right now and I didn’t, I’d be left with what I created for myself and why would I enjoy that If I was creating something that someone else wanted me to create.


Getmybuzzup: Are you handling the pressure well? 

KAMA: Although it’s all confronting I think I’m getting a handle on how to deal with things as they come up.

FATE: To be completely honest I’ve been handling it horribly and it changes me sometimes but I’m learning where to channel all those worries and all that pressure into something beneficial.


Getmybuzzup: Fate what’s one message you’d say to your fans reading this right now?

FATE: Just breathe.. things can be so so bad I get it, but at the end of the day the sun will still rise in the morning and everytime it does that’s a new chance to go and get what you want! And if you EVER feel alone just know I’m always here, put your headphones in for 3 minutes put on one of my songs on and escape to my world with me for a little bit.



KAMA: Just have faith in the path, even when it seems black just have faith and flow your intuition.

FATE: be brave, keep your chin up and DO NOT let anyone walk over you. You’re your own person, oh and don’t be so sad it could be worst.


Getmybuzzup: Where do you both pull inspiration from?

KAMA: Inspiration arises from even the simplest things in life, turning to writing and poetry for expression is how I process everyday life and from there music finds its way.

FATE: that’s another thing I’ll agree with KAMA on, inspiration can be brought on by the smallest gust of wind blowing around a leaf, you just gotta learn how to feel about it.


Getmybuzzup: How old are you both?

KAMA: 23

FATE: 18


Getmybuzzup: What was it like making “save me” together? And how did that come about?

KAMA: It was interesting! After going for a meeting at the studio and agreeing to play with some vocals, the hook was pre established and I added my own flare, the first time in a studio was a success after recording save me for fun.

FATE: my verses where already recorded over the instrumental & a another artist under the name of PsychoG had actually wrote KAMA’s hook so it was originally a feature with him but after going to the studio just for a meeting we all came to the decision that it’d be better with KAMA’s vocals on it, and after adding her flare to it it turned into something better then i could’ve ever imagined it to be.


Getmybuzzup: Fate, you’ve been described by fans and others on your social media as “manic” “a hothead” and sometimes extremely “controversial” what are your thoughts on that? And Kama do you have any thoughts on that at all considering you’re working on a project together?

KAMA: Yes, although I agree he can be “hotheaded” it also runs right alongside passion, so working together to learn to channel those energies in the right direction is the aim of this EP.

FATE: I can completely understand why that’s being said about me and all though I’m not proud of the actions that forced people to think these things about me I wouldn’t change them because reflecting on myself and my actions over the last year and abit has been more then eye opening for me, I’ve learnt to slow it down, listen to my teams opinions and to keep myself around people that will help me stay grounded. I am changing for the better and you will see that in this EP, it’s been a hard road for me to get to this point, it’s taken a minute and I don’t think I’m there yet but I’ll get there, but also in saying that take me as I am, my music is my world if you wanna come into my world you’re more then welcome but if you don’t then dont? I’m still gonna do me.


Getmybuzzup: How do you guys feel about the music industry?

KAMA: Slightly intimidated but I know I’m getting stronger in my character and my main goal is to remain humble and true to myself no matter what happens

FATE: I could go on forever about this haha, I won’t say to much so I don’t get myself in trouble but I just don’t like how these dudes in suits try and put you in a box and try and tell you what you can and cannot create to make them money, don’t tell me what I can and cannot create in my world I don’t react well to creative restrictions.


Getmybuzzup: What can we all expect from this new described “diverse” EP? 

KAMA: I’m imagining a lot of relative emotions, strong metaphors and a strong vibe with a lot of passion, heart and soul laid out, I want to use this ep to heal from the things life’s thrown at me in the last few years.

FATE: 100% what KAMA said, something for listeners to go and heal there soul with but at the same time they’ll be songs on there that you can go drink and party to aswell because we all need a little bit of fun.


Getmybuzzup: Thanks KAMA and Fate we look forward to hearing the EP and new music from the both of you.

KAMA: Thank you for reaching out, for my first blog interview it’s been a bit of fun.

FATE: thanks guys! Shout out to! We got love for New York from Australi.


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