Get Your Superhero Cape On With Young Cisto’s (@youngcisto) New Song

Young Cisto

Born in Oslo with a Ghanaian background, Young Cisto grew up in Italy. His childhood was spent in different countries and while he absorbed multiple cultures around the world, he become what he is today, an aspiring artist who breathes life into his music!

Are You Ready for His New Song?

With an energetic personality and witty performances, it didn’t take much time for this young hip-hop singer to create distinctive music. But is it only his personality that has helped him gain recognition? It’s more than what can be seen by the eyes! Young Cisto’s “reality” songs are what makes him unique.
His melodies are like honey to the ears while the lyrics give you a quick reality check. everything from beats to lyrics is carefully curated into synchronized harmonies that are meant to touch your soul. and thus, get ready for Cisto’s new song “Cape” which will give you everything you need to feel powerful and capable (no pun intended).

What is Cape About?

Cisto’s new song is all about gathering the courage to move on in life.
The song is about one heartbreak shouldn’t stop you from moving forward in life. This new release is for anyone who has gone through heartbreak or is going through one and thinks life has ended for them once and for all.

Cape tells you about being strong and persuading your happiness because it is only you who can change things for the better. Yes, heartbreaks are painful but, it isn’t the end of life.
Rather, it is the start of a new journey where a new you focus on bigger things in life, work hard to achieve them, and becomes something. Young Cisto has always spoken from his experiences, carefully narrating them through his songs to inspire people that it all eventually gets well.
Thus, if you are struggling with love life, and come out of the depression caused by heartbreak, this song is for you!


Cape is All Set to Win You Over

Cisto has always managed to strike the right chord with his music and this new song is no different. So, if you haven’t heard it yet, make sure you do because it will surely set you in the right direction in taking control of your life and achieving everything you want.

For all the fans out there, gear up for this new release by your favorite artist because we promise, you won’t be able to control your emotions or excitement after listening to this one as you feel that inspiration to change your mindset and forget about that toxic ex and win at life, which is exactly what Cisto wants people to grasp.

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