Girl Accused Of Setting Up Junior Confronted At Doorstep | Funeral Service Held #JusticeForJunior

Girl Accused Of Setting Up Junior Confronted At Doorstep | Funeral Service Held #JusticeForJunior

The Death of Lesandro Guzman Feliz aka as Junior has been widespread on the internet because of the way he was killed. Junior was killed because of mistaken identity and the sad part about it is he died not knowing why.

A friend of Juniors by the name of Stephanie Astacio had an explicit video of herself online that her boyfriend recorded of her and another boy. Her boyfriends face was in the video and her brother saw it. Her brother wanted to know who the guy was recording the video and she lied said it was Junior to protect her boyfriend. Her brother was a part of a gang and wanted to teach Junior a lesson, not even knowing that his sister lied and Junior had nothing to do with this. So Stephanie called Junior to get him out of the house and asked him to borrow $5 so she could get on the train. Junior left his home to bring her the money but he did not know he was being setup. He was jumped and killed and tried to get help from a local store owner but was turned away. Junior tried to make it to the hospital but died outside.

8 have since been arrested for his murder but Stephanie is still free. She was confronted at her home and got into a fight with a supporter. She has received threats but no legal ramification for her involvement. What do you think about this situation?

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