Giving Birth and Then Getting Out of the Hospital!

Giving Birth and Then Getting Out of the Hospital!

Kate Middleton left the hospital hours after giving birth, and apparently that’s normal in the UK! Ladies, after giving birth, how long did you stay in the hospital?



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34 thoughts on “Giving Birth and Then Getting Out of the Hospital!

  1. I’m from Poland and here you have to stand up, walk after giving birth within 2 or 3 hours 😂 so I was laughing through the whole video

  2. Kate doesn’t even gain weight during her pregnancies, she popping these babies out like it’s nothing. I’m sure she’s got a hospital at the palace tho congrats to her!

  3. I had three c sections I had twin girls one separated gurl my last twin boys every pregnancy was hard n difficult my first c section I cried my second c section I was aight I was like okay I got this my last c section I was get these bad boys out I was over it I was crying I was fussing I was overwhelmed having a csection hurt like hell but no pain no gain 💪🏾

  4. I think we have to take into account that the UK's health care is WAY different than ours…literally if a mom dies from child birth they take the time to research and review that individual case and what went wrong so that no other woman dies from the same thing…its just a different vibe over there

  5. Its only far fetched in this country where everyone is morbidly obese, unhealthy, and actually needs to stay in the hospital to make sure they recover. Europeans aren’t half as obese and sedentary as Americans.

  6. Yep I had a forceps delivery and they wanted me in the morning but baby had jaundice. So I had to stay in. Bear in mind we pay through a national health service so they do not want to keep you in if you are well.

  7. Where in the USA is she talking about? Vaginal deliveries here leave in a day, too. C sections stay for 2.

  8. My mom went through the same thing she had a c section with both me and my brother with my birth they told her she could go home after her first bowel movement but the nurse in charge of her care wouldn't let her eat any food so that she could go to the bathroom

  9. Hey my boos!! I just wanted to give a different insight than most birth experiences. I had 2 home births, and 1 in a birth center. All in water. At home I was attended by my Midwife, she had me get up after giving birth to the placenta and go pee. And then it was straight to bed. My midwife missed my second birth she was still on the road, so it was just my husband and I at home. She made it 8 minutes later, same thing. I had the placenta, she had me get up right away and go pee. (I never used that midwife again! She blamed missing the birth on US!) After an extremely traumatic birth experience, I was terrified to do it again. I went with a birth center I have always wanted to use, but didn't know they accepted my insurance. When I gave birth there, she also had me get right up to pee. I was released three hours later to go home! As long as you and baby are ready, she lets you go home.

    I've never given birth in a hospital, nothing against modern medicine. This is just my choice.

  10. Here in nova scotia canada we can stay up to 3 days , but you are aloud to leave after 24 hours if you feel okay. They well not release you before the 24 hour mark

  11. Lol I did not know you americans stayed in the hospital that long. Most west european countries let you leave as soon ad you can, so usually the same day.

  12. I love just love Tamera 😍 it's true they really do make sure you poop lol. my sister had a c section oh she was in pain and cried. I got lucky I had a natural birth and that same I had my baby I was already walking. everyone freaked out haha. But everyone women's story is different, at the end of the day tho we're all strong. our body's are strong. 🙂

  13. idk why this is a topic? when i had my first natural delivery i was home within 3 hrs. Also, when you have other children you prefer to be at home with your kids instead of feeling confined to a hospital room all by yourself.

  14. I mean if she was healthy and cleared by the Dr. I dont see the problem but for us regular folk who dont live in a palace with a staff, healthy or not those few days in the hospital are so helpful cause you have help there they take the baby at night so you can sleep, some people are lucky enough to get right back to normal just hours following delivery but most woman are sore and tired and I think those few days really help just to let you relax before you go home

  15. I mean I'm glad she felt well enough to walk right after birth but I was in the hospital for 3 days after my son was born but she might look good im that dress but under all us momma's know what shes wearing underneath it but congratulations on your baby boy 💝💝💝💝

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