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33 thoughts on “Google Artificial Intelligence Can Pass As Human On Phone | The View

  1. In the NYC subway, the genders are given roles for announcements.
    Womens Voice Announces:
    Destinations stops, "this is, 14th St, next stop is 34th St."
    Mens Voice gives instruction:
    "please step aside and let the other passengers off", "Stand clear for closing doors", And other announcements of what to expect if you have large containers, backpack, and what to do if you see a suspicious package, this coming from the NYC PD.

    All in all, no one wants a womans voice telling them what to do. Even for robots, the men have bigger roles.

  2. Where do you think your swab of spit goes when you send it to an "ancestry company", why do you see your "likes" on Facebook show up on the side part of your screen, who's really watching your posted videos and Snap stories, dun DUN DUUUN…

    Us humans think we're gonna be on this earth forever..This has already been a thing, it's just now coming to the uneducated middle and poor class consumer audience. Yes, shocking…People actually study our behavior, our brains, social interaction, and cognitive processes and then code for it…. . Robots will replace us, and something greater will replace them… circle of life….. stop freaking out.

  3. I'd always assumed these "assistant" voices were female because traditionally, women offered admin support in a professional setting. Imagine a stereotypical receptionist, secretary, personal assistant…usually female.

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