The Group Song of Love Talks New Project “Stagger the Devil” [Interview]

Song of Love

By Jack Barnes

Getmybuzzup: Tell us a little bit about the group “Song of Love”?

Song of Love: We believe in releasing love and sexual energy all over the world for more peace and happiness between human beings. Song of love believes metal is one of the true music genres. Song of love believes in correct prophetic beliefs than can lead us to the right path.

Getmybuzzup: How did the group come up with the name for the group?

Song of Love: The name comes from the Bible as love is the goal of all humans seek to be loved and love in return.

Getmybuzzup: How long has the group been together?

Song of Love: We’ve been around for about 2 years; we are seeking to fill the guitar and drums slots.

Getmybuzzup: How did the band get started in the first place?

Song of Love: I played drums for a while and bass and started to put ideas together for Song of love and found out they were pretty good.

Getmybuzzup: How would you describe the band’s sound?

Song of Love: Our sound is a nice mix metal is my main music but sometimes. I feel some metal bands are only into one genre of metal and the sound is limited. Song of love loves classical medieval music gospel music and mostly heavy metal.

Getmybuzzup: Who inspires the band in the music industry?

Song of Love: To come out with real music we see fakes everywhere; their sound is totally directed by other people they do not play heart music it is totally uninspired. Song of love brings fresh music to the table.

Getmybuzzup: What is the band currently working on?

Song of Love: We are currently working on having about à real solid songs and tour the world and help people release their love energy at the same time learn from the truth.

Getmybuzzup: What is the concept behind your latest project?

Song of Love: Song of love’s latest project is stagger the Devil in this song we see the world stuck up on sex at the same time being open on evil things like selfishness and hate With more sex and love there would be less hate.

Getmybuzzup: Any plans on touring to promote your latest project?

Song of Love: Song of love is waiting to have enough well released material to tour the world.

Getmybuzzup: What did the group members buy with your first check off music?

Song of Love: Song of love don’t make much money yet as we are working on making new amazing songs for your litening pleasure if i had one million dollars i would invest it and it would make babies.

Getmybuzzup: What is the best piece of advice in this business you actually followed?

Song of Love: Song of love wants to be true to real music it pays in the long run I see Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden never sold out never sold out and the fans are fans for life.

Getmybuzzup: Will the band be collaborating with any other artists or bands on this project or in the future?

Song of Love: Let’s see who wants to play with us maybe Steel Panther ah ah.

Getmybuzzup:  What area does the band need to improve on in regards to your career? (Example: Better production, Delivery, Stage presence, etc..)

Song of Love: We are seeking all lineup guitar drums , the songwriting is here the musicianship is excellent ready to tour the world.

Getmybuzzup: What’s your all-time favorite song?

Song of Love: Phantom of the opera by Iron Maiden.

Getmybuzzup: In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?

Song of Love: Metallica or Iron Maiden they stay true and deliver amazing music every time not thinking about commercial success.

Getmybuzzup: Who have been some of your favorite artists or bands that you’ve been able to work with?

Song of Love: None so far but maybe Kiss or Steel Panther.

Getmybuzzup: How do you feel about the current state of music?

Song of Love: Very bad music is almost dead; the worst is that people do not realize it they do not see that a group of people is telling them what to listen to even in the metal world the songs have become very linear and uninspired.

Getmybuzzup: What is your main goal as far as musicians?

Song of Love: Song of Love is helping people all over the world to know truth and to release more love and sex thus bringing more happiness to the masses.

Getmybuzzup: Who would you say your music relates to the most?

Song of Love: Song of love relates to truth-seeking being real sincere honest and straight forward.

Getmybuzzup: What separates you from other bands? (What’s makes your band different?)

Song of Love: Some bands talk about sex like Steel panther we talk about sex but at the same time very serious topics like Bible prophecy we believe prophecy and sex go well hand in hand and the maker of al things wants us to be enlightened and happy Our sound brings different influences rarely heard in metal before.

Getmybuzzup: When you’re not in the studio, What do you like to do for fun and relaxation?

Song of Love: We love to read the Bible and do pussy exams.

Getmybuzzup: If you could work with any producer who would it be?

Song of Love: Maybe Bob Rock who worked with Metallica Rick Rubin.

Getmybuzzup: What’s the biggest highlight of your career thus far?

Song of Love: Song of love is just starting we see where the road leads us we have big plans and we believe Song of love will help people be happier all over the world.

Getmybuzzup: What artist music are you currently a fan of?

Song of Love: Steel panther, Metallica, Megadeth lineup with Kiko is amazing.

Getmybuzzup: When performing live what are some of the things you do to get the crowd involved?

Song of Love: Song of love makes songs so that people can chant the lyrics memorable vocal lines.

Getmybuzzup: When performing and the crowd is singing along how does that energy make you feel?

Song of Love: Fans give us amazing energy which is returned in blasting amazing metal riffs that bring unconformity to their souls.

Getmybuzzup: What can we expect from you in the future?

Song of Love: Song of love plans on touring end of 2018 and we are releasing a new song every month original straight metal in your heart.

Getmybuzzup: Anything else you wanna add?

Song of Love: Do not conform to this fake world listen to real music only seek and find truth be real and do not compromise to make friends or to be liked.

Getmybuzzup: Where can the fans go to check out for your music?

Song of Love: We are at 

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