Herschel Walker to Kaepernick: I Wouldn’t Hire You Either!

Herschel Walker says he understands why NFL teams won’t hire Colin Kaepernick — but offers a simple solution … if a team asks you to stop kneeling, stop kneeling.

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42 thoughts on “Herschel Walker to Kaepernick: I Wouldn’t Hire You Either!

  1. Why can't Colin Kaepernick take this to police headquarters, City Hall, State House, and Congress? Movements have to evolve. This is why Occupy Wall Street failed miserably. They got attention and followers from camping in parks throughout the country that we're near Banking headquarters but they never took it to the polls and the government to get these politicians that get campaign donations from these Banks and corporations voted out of office. Kaepernick vote these sheriffs, judges, and politicians that do nothing about police brutality.

  2. So in the NFL contract it says you have to stand for the Anthem? This is ridiculous. They demonized Kaepernick for nothing.

  3. Herschel Walker used to be one of my heroes he's clearly going through Uncle Tom syndrome at his old age that's where this man is going through Stockholm Syndrome being from the deep south and all that

  4. Old ass Cowboy!! All do respect, but fuck him you can express yourself anywhere you want to!! Standing up for a cause isn't for when your just at home like you coons & Tom's do, scared of masta

  5. Damn I actually have this guy on my madden ultimate team now I got to auction his ass off.. Guess I got to pick up Barry sanders or LaDainian instead o well with his tap dancing ass fuck this guy

  6. But Johnny Manziel can continually have drug problems and just not have any kind of real self respect and he'd be hired on the spot okay Herschel Walker I didn't know you were such a supporter of having Horrible character my bad for thinking you're a great role model.

  7. As a black man… I can’t lie, I came on here to flat out disagree with anything this fool said but he not all the way wrong but he still a low key Coon!

  8. Man black people are so raceist, how many other brothers on here tired of reading these haters type koon, all of you think Kapi shoukd have a right to speak weather the business owners like it or not but as soon as someone has an opinion you dont like he's a koon and shouldn't speak. What's wrong with people, you can't claim that it's wrong someone is being alienated because of there opinion and turn around and do the same thing. If that's the approach you're going to take then your' feelings and opinion will have less gravity. Seriously.

  9. Y'all all clowning him know y'all either don't have a job or damn well do what your boss says to do no matter skin color

  10. Black Heros who are not considered coons: O.J. Simpson the murder, Chris Brown the woman beater, Jay-Z the drug dealing murderer, Bill Cosby the rapist, Your mama's baby daddy the inmate…

  11. I still fee people forget why Kap was kneeling in the first place! Understood that the NFL is Kap's "workplace" but if your workplace is forcing you to do something thats not mandatory like standing the pledge of allegiance why are they black balling him? Herschel Walker sounding like a real case of CTE.

  12. I will if i ever see him am in los angeles california 90230 ladera heights cross streets slauson an la bera Fuckboy i do UFC too! I got hands an feet too! Kempo, karate, black belts! muay tai kick boxing i boxs too. 14 years U.S. army 2 wars Fort Hood Bravo company 1/9 ! Green Beret 4 Year! SO WATCH WHO THE FUCK YOU TALKING TOO PUSSY!

  13. All about what the CONSTITUTION SAYS! That is how they are rein slaving us all over again(blacks and poor people), BY MAKING (((ANTI CONSTITUTIONAL))) job rules/laws. They bank on our ignorance about law!

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