Hot Take Factory: Mike Greenberg says Baker Mayfield is worth NFL draft No. 1 pick | Get Up! | ESPN

Hot Take Factory: Mike Greenberg says Baker Mayfield is worth NFL draft No. 1 pick | Get Up! | ESPN

Get Up!’s Mike Greenberg agrees with the hot take saying Baker Mayfield is worth the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft.

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35 responses to “Hot Take Factory: Mike Greenberg says Baker Mayfield is worth NFL draft No. 1 pick | Get Up! | ESPN”


  2. He gonna be bust by browns.

  3. The fellow comparing Mayfield to Manziel should know better. The two are wholly different cases, and on top of that, it seems clear that the fellow has not looked seriously at the tape on Mayfield, who throws with the best touch, ball placement, and accuracy of anybody in the draft. Mayfield plays within the structure of the offense, throws well on and off platform, takes care of the ball, and has a great football "IQ". He has weaknesses, but is better than the other QBs in the draft. Nor is he an alcoholic. Commentators comparing Mayfield to Manziel ought to be hooted off the stage.

  4. Ask players….there's only one AlphaDog in this draft…one. the guy that gets people to follow and play harder…..gimme the guy that nobody wants to play against.

  5. Lmao Jalen don't know a damn thing about football, who he tryna fool?

  6. He better not go to the browns! It would be a waste of a QB.. like every other Brown QB.

  7. eagles need baker more insurance for Carson in case he hurts again

  8. Just trying to get teams like the JETS to throw in their #1 for next year also to move up. Screw you Cleveland lol.

  9. Just like ESPN thought Mike Greenberg was worth his own show…ratings are proving otherwise!

  10. The black dude does not know what he's talking about.

  11. RB at #1, QB at #4

  12. Mayfield isn't worth the number 1 pick, he's not worth 1st or 2nd round he failed a test given to him by the Chargers his excuse he "didn't have time to study"..hahaha what a joke he's johnny screwup 2.0

  13. How is this a hot take?
    Josh Allen going 1 is a hot take. Baker is the best in the class….

  14. Baker is the best QB in the draft!!!!! Why is there all this doubt? Because he grabbed his junk and got tackled by cops while drunk at a frat party? What college kid doesn't get drunk at frat parties.. This is just ridiculous anymore. His numbers dwarf every other QB's, he's an exceptional scrambler, he can make any throw, he's a wizard when it comes to the playbook aspect of the game and all because he's 6'1 he isn't worthy of the number one pick? If Baker was 2-3 inches taller he'd be the second coming of Aaron Rodgers but because he's 6'1 and showed a couple miniscule moments of immaturity at college he's got all this bust potential.. I can't wait for him to prove everybody wrong at the pro level. The kid is special and you'll see that soon enough

  15. To compare baker to Johnny is really stupid. They are not the same person and Johnny’s addiction and behavior ruined him. How can you put them
    In the same boat like that?

  16. Baker Mayfield is gonna be a BUST! There’s only 1 starting Big 12 QB in the NFL and it’s Andy Dalton. Big 12 QBs don’t translate to the NFL

  17. Baker played in the Big 12. Throw those great stats out the window. He’s an accurate passer with limited physical ability. Not suited for cold weather cities.

  18. A quarterback who is turnover prone, occasionally inconsistent with accuracy and didn't earn the starting spot until game 4 of last year (All Darnold) cause me to be a bit concerned about his on the field play to be honest

  19. Darnold LED THE COUNTRY IN TURNOVERS playing for powerhouse USC. They may not have had the talent of Bama, but they had top 2-3 in the Pac 12 and he still managed to lead everybody in turnovers.

  20. Tbh you could just pick him with the 4th pick tho if you really want him.

  21. For the love of god can people stop comparing Lamar to Watson! They’re nowhere near the same player. Lamar relies almost exclusively on athleticism. Watson is a highly intelligent quarterback and reads defenses like a book. Lamar doesn’t do what Watson does.

  22. Lamar Jackson gonna prove everyone wrong man why is everyone so sleep

  23. The fact that there isn’t a clear cut #1 QB this year is why you should get the best overall player in Barkley first and get a QB at 4.

  24. None of the QB's in this draft are perfect but in my opinion Mayfield is the best QB in this draft…If he was 2-3 inches taller he would be the consensus #1 overall pick. He is NOT Johnny Manziel and you cannot teach the intangibles this guy has…Hope my Jets are lucky enough to get him at 3.

  25. I've never seen two of the same people on Earth even twins are different….. And Baker is Manziel? Never

  26. I hate how on ESPN we have basketball players commenting on football and vice versa.

  27. Jalen be hating on baker so hard manziel and Baker is 2different ppl how can u just say that

  28. Darnold and Mayfield are the best two QBs in this draft. Mayfield is not Manziel.

  29. Plss subscribe my channel i make videos olmost everyday!

  30. Of course he is. Anyone who thinks Darnold is THAT much better than Baker is lying to themselves

  31. If you love the nfl and madden then check out my upcoming channel and subscribe please god bless!

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