Hot Take Factory: Russell Westbrook will never win an NBA championship | Get Up! | ESPN

Michelle Beadle struggles in the Hot Take Factory responded to the idea that Russell Westbrook will never win an NBA championship.

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42 thoughts on “Hot Take Factory: Russell Westbrook will never win an NBA championship | Get Up! | ESPN

  1. Westbrook is an amazing player, but sometimes luck is a bitch and doesnt go well with some amazing players like
    Allen Iverson, Vince Carter, Tracy Mcgrady and etc, Kobe Michael Lebron Steph all had Luck

  2. lmao… surround westbrook with all the talent you want, dude is never winning a title. can't even win one series with PG, melo, and Adams

  3. Westbrook will be the best player on a championship team? Hell no, and I'm not even talking shit. The dude will be 30 next season, PG is going to leave, and Carmelo is going to opt in. So next season is automatically a wash and even after that the amount of players that is willing to play with Westbrook, live in OKC, and is decent is probably non existent. OKCs biggest free agent signings are Patrick Patterson and Anthony Morrow. The one thing they could do is ride Westbrook and Adams with a bunch of shooters and get lucky but OKC has always been allergic to shooters.

  4. The thing i love about westbrook is he plays with such tenacity….the thing i hate about westbrook is he plays with such tenacity…do the math on that one??!

  5. russell westbrook will always be a sore looser can't even help his team to advance in the second round he already got paul george and carmelo anthony still got there ass whip in first round by a got damn rookie in utah

  6. No he won’t win a Chip. Reason why is Father Time will slow him down an take his explosiveness away. And he will still be that dumb player near the end of game. Durant did the right thing by leaving that stat chaser.

  7. Kayne Westbrook won't win a NBA title cause he can't be a good teammate and while Kevin Durant and James Harden both they could've been a dynasty instead Kanye Westbrook ego got in the way then Paul George will leave Carmelo Anthony should retire and Russell is Mr triple double but disappear in crunch time

  8. Are you freakin serious jalen???!!!! WestBRICK has had harden, Durant, ibaka, Paul George, melo. Wtf you mean, he has been on championship teams. He went to the finals and the greatest point guard of all time called his performance the worst he has ever seen

  9. It's hard to say any player will never win a title because anyone can end up on a contender as an old role player. Not just Oscar, who was the second best player on his team when he won it with Kareem, but guys like Jason Kidd, David West, Ray Allen (he won as a key player with the Celtics too, but the way he did it with Miami) did it while being merely decent players. If the debate is whether Russ will ever be the best player on a championship team, the answer is no.

  10. Russ plays team ball when it benefits him and at the same time looks good when it's time to win and they're down he will shoot like there is no 2morrow and he's not the best of shooter so so the math, KD needed to go and really so will George if shit doesn't look right he's can help or kill the team more kill than help really and the only way he gets a ring is leaving and actually playing the 2gaurd where he can score and the pass not pass 1st score and it will be on the back end of his career like J-Dub who earned and worked for his then so that's the only route for him

  11. I love Westbrook and all but come on, he's never gonna be the best player on a championship team. Where do you have him ranked among NBA players right now? He's definitely behind Lebron, Steph, Harden, Anthony Davis, and Kevin Durant. Most people now would probably rather have Giannis. And I think there's good arguments for guys like Jimmy Butler and Joel Embiid (I'd put them both ahead of him). So imo he's at best the 7th best player in the NBA, and arguably no better than 9th, if you don't have like a top 3-5 player you need a strong big 3 (like a top ten and two top 25) in today's league to even be in the conversation. He turns 30 in early next year. OKC is already not what I would call a deep team, and assuming Melo opts into his contract OKC will be over the cap even if Paul George opts out, and if he opts out obviously OKC will be worse next year. If he signs on long term the team could get decidedly better the year Melo's contract expires simply by replacing Melo in the lineup with just an okay 3+D guy, and that'd probably be their best chance at a title because the next year Westbrook is 32 and George is 30, and tbh I have no idea how Westbrook's game ages. But even IF that happens, in that year I highly doubt a team like that would be the best in the West, and even if it is they still need to take down whomever comes out of the East (at this point looks like it'd be either Philly or Boston). The chances Westbrook mans a championship team and is the best player on the team are slim to none.

  12. 40% shooter, stagnates the offense, doesn't move without the ball, won't defend, commits more turnovers than ANYONE EVER, allows emotions to derail his already poor decision making…

    Yeah. This is an MVP.

  13. Name ONE person like Russ who won a championship playing out of control? No one! The game changes and the opposing coaches try make you as uncomfortable as possible. Russ, NOR Billy, have an answer when that happens.

  14. Russ will win an NBA championship. Someone good will probably join him, like lebron or someone like that. I'm guessing he has about a 55% chance of winning an NBA championship

  15. He won't win and he know that. That's why he chases triple doubles. Those are his championships. His stats will look good by the end of his career, but he isn't a winner.

  16. Solid women thinking with feelings. Fact is he won’t win a championship. He’s a ridiculously selfish player and doesn’t have the basketball IQ you want at PG. Maybe wen his athleticism diminishes he’ll become more of a smart PG and lets someone coach him. But as of now he’s extremely selfish and doesn’t have much a IQ at all for a PG… (DONT come at me with his ast numbers, watch a damn game you’ll see he hogs drives and kicks sometimes, takes bad shots, turns it over)

  17. The new Iverson. Two of my favorite players of all time so it hurts to think he might not win a championship, I think the league would be better if an alpha personality like Westbrook won a ring. Here's hoping they can get a coach with a dominant personality in OKC (Mark Jackson!) to go at Russell and challenge him. Billy Donovan and Brooks are/were not the personality type that works best with someone like Westbrook.

  18. Westbrook reminds me of Barkley.. talented but will never win a ring .. the mentality is what makes champion .. you need a leader which brook and barkley never were

  19. "Michelle, Jalen over there saying I ain't gone win a championship? I'm shut that sh!t down…realz!" – Russell Westbrick

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