How Does Drug Test Shampoo Work?

The new method of drug testing (well, not so new, but becoming more and more prominent) is a hair follicle test. Because of this, and because hair follicle tests make it very difficult to “cheat the system” and cause false negatives like you can achieve with urine analysis testing, and even saliva testing, you may need to invest in a way to do so. But how do you do it? How does drug test shampoo work? Wait… Shampoo? That’s right. Certain shampoos have been able to cause drug tests to be able to be passed easier, and we’ll explain how in a little bit, but right now a word from our sponsor. No, just kidding!

How long is hair toxified?

When it comes to hair tests, your hair can hold toxins for up to 110 days (which most people recommend just to be safe… that’s nearly 4 months of not having or using any drug that could cause you to throw a hair test and get a false positive, which could result in you losing or not getting your job).

Why’s it so hard to beat a hair test?

You can often beat urine tests, and it’s even possible to cheat through a blood test by detoxifying your body, but your hair is a lot harder to treat. There are also a numerous amount of hair follicle detoxifying shampoos out there, but they don’t all work the same way, and some of them is hard to do. Why is it so hard to do? Because your hair after being out of the follicle is actually a dead cell, so detoxifying it is more difficult over time.

Is it possible to win over a hair follicle test?

The good news to this answer is actually yes. And it isn’t that hard, it just takes meticulous planning and plenty of preparation in order to completely strip your hair clean of the toxins and residues that are interwoven into each strand of hair. Many people have found a form of shampoo called Synergy which has given them positive results so they could over time get their hair stripped and pass a hair test. Other methods are to let it grow out for so long, then cut it.

There is a lifespan of a drug in your hair follicle, and the longer you go before cutting your hair, the better. If you let your hair grow for about 3 months, then get it cut off, you may have a higher chance of passing. But this article isn’t about a haircut.

Enter Aloe Rid

Nexus came out with a shampoo years ago, and it’s been getting a lot more attention and use these days because it completely strips, cleanses, and then re-moisturizes your hair in every wash that you use it. In order to possibly pass a drug test though, many users state that you should wash with Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo at least two times daily for about a week. You may use it up to four times daily and achieve similar results sooner, but what’s important is how you wash.

What does Aloe Rid Do?

Well, as mentioned above, it helps remove traces of harsh chemicals that can be found in your hair. In studies, it’s been proven that Old Style Aloe Rid can completely clean your hair of THC and other harsh chemicals that can be in your hair follicles, as they use PG (propylene glycol) that opens up your pore, and then the shampoo itself ends up cleaning the THC from the actual cortex of your hair follicle. Then, with the deep cleaning, it remoistens your hair using conditioner fused with aloe vera, it can also help to revitalize your hair.

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How Does Drug Test Shampoo Work?

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