How Khloe’s Parenting Is Different Than Her Sisters

Sometimes your sisters aren’t the best advice-givers, at least not for Khloe in the parenting department. Despite their tight-knit family structure, Khloe and her sisters share differing beliefs and practices for raising their children. And Khloe is certain to raise True the way she wants to.
Khloe likes to think of herself as stricter when it comes to raising True with a schedule and routine, unlike her sister Kourtney who has said she goes with the flow of life with her kids because her schedule is so busy and hectic.
Khloe and Kourtney often make opposite decisions on parenting tactics. While Kourtney has a strict no-phones at mealtime rule, Khloe uses her phone to keep True entertained. Kourtney has her kids following a strict gluten-free and dairy-free diet, while Khloe is a little more relaxed with True’s diet because she wants her to have a healthy relationship with food.
Khloe is also open about wanting a healthy co-parenting relationship with True’s dad, Tristan Thompson, even when her sisters may not want to play nice, it’s all about keeping the peace for the sake of the kids, even if it means compromising.
But the main thing Khloe won’t compromise on is True’s happiness. Khloe is focused on raising True to be a strong, healthy, self-loving woman and sometimes that means having different parenting rules and techniques from her sisters. What do you think about Khloe’s rules and tactics? Let us know in the comments below; and be sure to like, share, and subscribe to The Things Celebrity for more on your favourite celebs!


00:00 Intro
00:29 Hands-on mom, literally
01:12 Strict with the schedule
01:53 Phones at the table
02:40 Documenting the journey
03:17 Morning Affirmations
03:58 Formula vs. nursing
04:39 Coparenting
05:21 Nanny BFFs
06:02 Happiness over diets
06:38 Embracing makeup
07:13 No judgment on discipline
07:50 Sisterly advice
08:25 A little mess is ok
08:57 Kravis proposal
09:25 Not Keeping up With the Kardashians
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