How to Choose an Affordable SEO Company

There are 3 types of SEO companies: cheap, affordable, and expensive.

An affordable SEO company that is able to produce an ROI with your budget is the ideal SEO company to work with.

Just because an SEO company is “cheap” doesn’t mean you are going to “get your money’s worth”.

“You get what you pay for” holds true when it comes to cheap SEO.

Alternatively, expensive SEO companies won’t produce the best ROI for many small and medium businesses.

Today I am going to explain why most business owners should avoid cheap and expensive SEO companies.

Meanwhile providing guidance on how to weed out cheap SEO companies.

If you are looking for an affordable SEO company then I recommend you check Leadsurance’s SEO process because even if you have trouble implementing the guide, their services are great and affordable.

Weeding Out Cheap SEO Companies

If you do a Google search for “cheap SEO services” here is what you will find:

How to Choose an Affordable SEO Company

$49 for SEO to grow my business, oh my, what a deal! That is less than I pay for dry cleaning every month…

And you will certainly get less service than your dry cleaners provide too.

How to Choose an Affordable SEO Company

However, the example I gave was for “cheap” which doesn’t have the same meaning as “affordable”.

According to, here is the difference in meanings.

  • Cheap = of low quality: not worth a lot of money
  • Affordable = that can be afforded; believed to be within one’s financial means

Which would you prefer?

Low-quality services that aren’t worth much? -OR-

Quality services that you can afford within your financial means?

Any savvy business person will agree with me when I say, “give me affordable because I can’t afford cheap.”

Trust me. Cheap will cost you more than affordable in the long run.

This is simply because cheap services won’t actually help you generate any leads to pay for the cost.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to utilize cheap SEO services. Below is a list of red flags to look out for when determining if an SEO provider is low-quality:

  • Pricing under $500 per month
  • No dedicated account manager
  • No discovery process to learn about your business and objectives
  • They don’t practice high-quality content marketing on their website
  • Offerings consist of generic packages, not custom solutions
  • No customer reviews or poor customer reviews
  • No phone number listed on the website
  • The company is based in another country (especially a non-English speaking country)

If you notice any of the above red flags when researching SEO companies, then you should move on to the next company.

Over to You

Finding an affordable SEO company that can deliver the results you need and a positive ROI is no easy task.

Many companies are simply cheap and use outdated spammy tactics that will hurt not help your website’s search engine rankings.

Alternatively, many SEO agencies are very expensive and their services will only produce an ROI for extremely competitive online businesses.

For example, fortune 500’s, large established eCommerce sites, and startups with millions of dollars in capital and high growth expectations.

For the majority of small and medium business owners, this article will help you to avoid cheap low-quality SEO companies that won’t get the specific results your business needs and produces an ROI with your budget.

It is also important to remember that although SEO is a very important lead generation tactic, there are a ton of other ways to generate leads and market your business.

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How to Choose an Affordable SEO Company

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