How to distinguish true and false necklaces?

Nowadays, with the living standards improved, many people like to buy jewelry, which price is more than a dozen, thousands, and even tens of thousands. This is determined by their actual situation and needs. Of course, when people buy jewelry, there is no doubt that they are afraid of buying false jewelry. How to identify the true and false get name necklace’s necklace? Let’s take a look at it together!

How to distinguish the Get name necklace’s  necklace of love series

Lettering in the necklace ring is fine, but only English or numeric and Roman numerals can be engraved on the inner wall. (Lettering, as long as there are technicians and equipment in the store, they can do these. If not, then send it to the Beijing repair center for processing, it is also free, but it takes a long time).

There is no genuine online, and the so-called promise cannot be fulfilled. In addition, if there is no box to decorate, it is certainly not the original.

Identify the necklace to see the certificate, the purchase price, the independent number, the work, the inner wall number, and the inner wall mark. (If you haven’t touched it, you can’t distinguish it yourself. So you can find the same style to compare it yourself, mainly by looking at the arrangement and size of the letters and numbers on the inner wall and the logo.)

The get-name necklace’s Personalized Cursive Style Name Necklace is judged by the color, price, certificate, number, etc. In addition, it can be purchased through regular channels to ensure the authenticity of the product. After obtaining the product certificate, you can use it to do product maintenance in domestic stores, and you can also understand the authenticity of the product from the side.

For Get name necklace’s  necklace how to discern true and false

After looking at the get name necklace’s necklace, firstly you should check the imprint. The precious metal jewelry will have the information of origin, manufacturer, material and content imprint. If not, it is generally a fake that has not been certified. The state also stipulates that the unmarked product is an unqualified product. Viewing the stamp can be very intuitive to see the brand and gold jewelry with different gold content.

The second method of identification is to use the sensory to test. Under normal circumstances, if the higher the purity of the gold, the deeper the gold, the gold is dark yellow, while the imitation gold products are mostly copper alloys, and the color is lighter. The second is to test the weight, which a gold ring is about 5 grams, if it is imitation gold, the weight will be lighter that you can use the electronic scale to weight. But this method is still difficult to distinguish between thousands of gold and gold because The quality is too close and requires a professional identification agency to identify.

The third conventional method is to test the hardness. The gold jewelry of pure gold is soft. It can be scratched with a pin, and it has a tooth mark with a tooth, but it is unacceptable to do such a rough thing on your get name necklace’s necklace.

The most formal method is to go to a professional jewelry quality inspection agency for testing, using physical or chemical analysis methods for identification, but you may have to spend a little money. When buying jewelry, you need to carefully check the inlay, whether the welding is firm or not, whether it is broken, burrs, trachoma, etc.


How to choose the get name necklace’s  necklace suiting for you

First of all, you have to look at your own neck shape: If you are a slender neck, you can choose those short necklaces with horizontal stripes and thicker; the people with the melon face must not choose a V-shaped necklace; Short-faced people should wear long necklaces or “V &g-shaped necklace; People with square faces longer thousand-gold necklaces. And Round-faced people longer thousand-gold necklaces.

Summary: It is also very important to choose the style of the get name necklace’s necklace. Different face types are suitable for different necklaces, which is like the choice of dressing, need to match our own temperament and body.

Get name necklace’s necklace introduction

  1. get name necklace is an early development company. It has been engaged in the manufacture of watches and jewelry for many years, so its expertise in manufacturing necklaces is very strong, and its accumulated experience over the years has also made Get name necklace has a very strong technical force in the manufacture of necklaces.
  2. get name necklace is a company that pays great attention to innovation and creativity. Its products all have certain connotations of their own personality, to some extent, this adds to the story and added value of the necklace. Moreover, get name necklace attaches important to follow the trend of the times, so its necklace has certain characteristics of the times, and it can also attract young people to promote the sales volume to a large extent.
  3. Since the company is established, get name necklace has strict with quality. The personalized necklace is no exception. And the necklace is much smaller than other jewelry, so we need to pay attention to it when processing, otherwise it will affect the service life of the necklace. It is very important to pay attention to the requirements from design to selection, processing, and processing. At the same time, there is a very strict supervision mechanism. Therefore, the quality of the necklace produced is very good, and the user can use it with more confidence.
  4. get name necklace ‘s necklace is a special place is its uniqueness, its personalization. We can see all kinds of necklaces on the market, but the style is not a lot. The personalized necklace of get name necklace is very good in this respect. Many of its styles have unique meanings and can also capture the needs of consumers. And the good aspect is that get name necklace‘s necklace has a lot of styles, very suitable for the needs of different levels of consumers.

Conclusion: The necklace of get name necklace not only has its own personality, but also has the characteristics of other brand necklaces, so it can be seen that it has very good sales in the market. In general, get name necklace ‘s necklace is still very good.

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How to distinguish true and false necklaces?


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