How to prevent Phishing in 2020


We all have come across an email assumed to come from a reputable company, trusted them and ended up sharing our personal information which costed us later. This is a very common practice that we have witnessed in 2019. One main reason why we fall into this trap is because the hackers sending us these emails use some simple tricks. The other reason is that most people do not have enough information about this practice that can actually cost them money and lost accounts.

Types of Phishing attacks

There are very many types of phishing attacks that hackers use to harvest out personal information innocently.  In 2020, we expect that such practices will continue to rise and if we are not very careful, we will end up losing a lot of our personal data.

Some of the most common types of phishing include spoofing through emails. This is actually one of the most common types of phishing which harvests information slowly and easily. This can actually be done in very many ways including sending email through a familiar username or even sending an impersonated email that can be assumed to come from the seniors.

The other types of phishing that we can expect in 2020 include: sending of fake emails using a brand name, URL phishing, Pop-up phishing, paid ad phishing and many others. Regardless of the type of phishing, if you have the right information you can greatly prevent these occurrences. Here are the many ways we can prevent phishing in 2020.

Protective tips

Now that you have some little information about what phishing is and some types of that practice, it’s the perfect time to know the right tips of preventing such occurrences. Here, we have listed some of the most effective ways to prevent phishing scams.

Join web of trust

There are many tools online that can help you land only on the safe websites and web of trust is one of them. This is actually a tool that rates the companies depending on the malware contamination and filters them out. So, this is a good tool that you can use to prevent email phishing. Additionally, Facebook has partnered closely with the Web of Trust which is now making it easier for you to join the community using your FaceBook account logins.

Enable trusted DMs only

Many social media platforms have partnered closely to make sure that users only receive emails and other messages from trusted profiles. What this means is that Twitter and many other platforms are giving the people an option to enable trusted DMs only. So don’t go asking the question of how to avoid phishing on Twitter and Facebook as long as you can choose to enable or disable the function.

Always investigate every link’s final destination

There are many email marketers out there and for that reason, you should always target their final link’s destination. So don’t be lured to think that all the emails and the links are targeting the right part of you. The reason here is because most of these links are not true. To make sure they are real or you are only clicking on the real links, you should hover with the computer mouse and look at its final destination. This is actually at the lower-left corner of the browser. If the destination is unknown or you don’t trust it, then it’s up to you to leave it at that point.

Don’t trust shortened links

I bet you already know that scammers are like chameleons, they will change from one link to the other within the lowest time possible. They also know how to mask their tactics by simply resembling actions that customers are already familiar with. This always takes the form of a shortened link. To prevent phishing email, you shouldn’t trust shortened links. Are you wondering how to prevent phishing and don’t know how to distinguish between real and fake links? Don’t worry; you just have to check whether the link is real especially when you are in social media. Be careful of shortened links because there are many link shortening tools out there which makes it very easy for them to misbehave.

Pay attention to ‘’s’’ in Https:/

This is one of the many things that people ignore. As a matter of fact, the ‘’s’’ in the stands for secure. In simple terms, if the link you are about to follow doesn’t have that ‘’s’’, then you can be sure that the link is not secure. Although there are many ways that scammers are targeting these safe websites, there are little chances of phishing attacks. So, always stick to secure websites.

Always manage your passwords

One mistake we all make is using one password more than once; think about the password you are using for your emails being the same you are using for your Payoneer payment accounts. This can be risky because once one password and some little personal information leaks, you will not be able to do something else about it.

Don’t allow remote access to your computer

Here is another tip on how to prevent phishing spoofing. It’s very common to lose your vital information when someone reaches out pretending to be from the security firm. They can install some tools that can spy on your information.

Two-factor authentication

There are many organizations that are offering two-factor authentication for additional security, utilize that opportunity.

Trust your instincts

It may be obvious to you but if your instincts doesn’t trust some of these, please don’t go deeper, leave it at that point.

Report and Beware of permissions

If you detect any phishing attempts, you are supposed to report. This will make sure your personal information on the right authorities. The social media platform always seeks your permission before redirecting you. So please be very careful with permissions.

The above are 10 tips to avoid phishing scams. There is a lot you are supposed to do on your part to secure your accounts and hide your personal info as much as possible. So keep on searching for new ways and implementing them.

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How to prevent Phishing in 2020 How to prevent Phishing in 2020 How to prevent Phishing in 2020 How to prevent Phishing in 2020 How to prevent Phishing in 2020 How to prevent Phishing in 2020 How to prevent Phishing in 2020 How to prevent Phishing in 2020 How to prevent Phishing in 2020 How to prevent Phishing in 2020 How to prevent Phishing in 2020

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How to prevent Phishing in 2020

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