How To Roll Backwoods With OBN Jay | HNHH’s How To Roll

How To Roll Backwoods With OBN Jay | HNHH's How To Roll

Louisiana rapper OBN Jay stars in the latest episode of “How To Roll.”

We’re back with another one. How To Roll has been one of our most popular video series for years and today, we’ve got a new episode with Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based rapper OBN Jay, who stopped by to unpack his smoking preferences, his favorite strains, and much more.

The “Big Ole” rapper went the classic route, picking out a pack of Backwoods and getting started on his rolling process. Smoking on Rainbow Sky from Cookies, OBN Jay revealed that his two favorite strains are likely Skittles and Gushers. Clearly, he’s got a sweet tooth that extends to his smoke sesh. “They’re sweet and they’re indicas,” he said, explaining why he likes them the most. As for what you won’t catch him smoking, Jay says he isn’t a fan of OG strains. “That s**t make you go to sleep,” he said.

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