“I have no idea what we’re fighting about!” – black-ish

Scene from black-ish Season 4, Episode 22 “Blue Valentime”

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30 thoughts on ““I have no idea what we’re fighting about!” – black-ish

  1. Modern Family, The Middle, Fresh Off The Boat, and The Goldbergs are great shows but they don’t capture the real emotions like Black-ish.

  2. This was an absolutely amazing episode! So well done and gripping. Love a show that can make you laugh and cry.

    Such raw emotion and how they got to where they were was eye opening.

  3. They always said they were trying to go for a Norman Lear vibe with this show at times, and they do that occasionally

  4. I've been seeing and hearing about how they are fighting and on the verge of divorce. So I came to check it out and they fighting over dumb shit 🙄. A movie ? Really? Me and my boyfriend got problems and I thought we fight over dumb shit . But u really gonna trip because the movie sucked? This shit is dumb. Hes trying to make up fake drama…Bye blackish.

  5. i haven't seen this show in years, what the hell happened.
    the lighting is so different it looks like a drama instead, speaking of which having actual legit issues instead of comedy woah

  6. Anthony Anderson and Tracey Ellis Ross better win some awards finally I mean Tracey got the golden globe win but both should have an Emmy by now. Not sure how Anthony didn't win anything for that Obama speech.

  7. She claims to be a victim while notnworking,not taking care of their baby,and not doing anything for him. While he works,pays for everything and takes care of the kids also. She's what's wrong with feminist women. Dre deserves better than some selfish, delusional crazy woman acting like a little girl.

  8. The thing is that I feel like it would have been such a good idea if they made it so that they're only happy around the kids, like all the flashbacks be removed and replace them with just them talking to the kids. Idk this episode doesn't match well with the theme of the series. The acting is terrific, the directing, holy shit dont even get me started on that, but I feel like it could've worked better if its mixed with some comedy

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