“I want to own a team in Vegas” | The Shop: Season 5 Episode 4 | FULL EPISODE | Uninterrupted

"I want to own a team in Vegas" | The Shop: Season 5 Episode 4 | FULL EPISODE | Uninterrupted

Time to get you lined up on another new episode of The Shop! Grab a seat and join hip-hop icon Fat Joe, comedian and actress Amy Schumer, CNN Primetime news anchor Don Lemon, marketing executive Paul Rivera, entrepreneur Maverick Carter, and NBA superstar LeBron James. Fat Joe doles out life advice and discusses why he doesn’t mind flexing on everybody, Amy shares the story behind hosting the Oscars after the infamous Will Smith and Chris Rock incident, Don reflects on the importance of his perspective in primetime news, and LeBron discusses his plans for life after his playing days are over…including owning a team in a certain city. Kick up your feet and remember…in the barbershop you can’t lie.

The following episode of The Shop was recorded prior to the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas where 21 more innocent victims lost their lives to gun violence. If you are interested in learning more and taking action, please visit:

UNINTERRUPTED The Shop is presented by Grey Goose.

In LeBron James’ words…”Everything happens in The Shop.” The Sports Emmy Award-winning series UNINTERRUPTED The Shop is back for Season 5! Join us each month for new episodes featuring the biggest names in the game for unfiltered talk about sports, music, and culture.

(0:00) – Intro
(2:12) – Amy Schumer On Will Smith/Chris Rock Incident
(3:49) – The Shop On Speaking Out On Social Issues
(7:22) – Amy/Don On Being Vulnerable
(9:45) – Amy On Testing Jokes
(13:04) – The Shop On Facing Backlash/Criticism
(18:05) – Fat Joe On His Pandemic IG Lives
(19:31) – LeBron Transitioning To TV/Team Ownership
(23:31) – LeBron On Missing The 2022 NBA Playoffs
(24:48) – The Shop On Choosing Other Careers
(25:36) – LeBron On Using His Voice

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