I Want You To Stop Caring About Climate Change

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Thousands Of Americans Across The Country Participate In Global Climate Strike
Samuel Corum/Getty Images
Nelson Mandela Is Reunited With The Edlers Three Years After He Launched The Group
Handout/Getty Images


Los Angeles Times Video/Getty Images

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Tomas Abad – Footage/Getty Images

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Vivimage, Inc./Getty Images
WS, Woman carrying water through arid landscape, Niamey, Niger
Earthchild Productions/Getty Images
Add to Cart” Button on Device Screen
tawattiw/Getty Images
Dead fishes in Llobregat river – Toxic spill on July 2019
imv/Getty Images
MS Young man texting on his phone at sunset
Eternity In An Instant/Getty Images
Oil Field | 4K Loopable
onuroner/Getty Images
Cape fur seals in large colony, Cape Cross Namibia
Eyal Bartov/Getty Images
Monkey drinking water from water bottle
Nanhatai8/Getty Images
CU Shot of plastic bottle moving / Gerolstein, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany
footagefactory/Getty Images
Prestige tanker Oil Spill, 2002, Northwest coast of Spain.
robertharding/Getty Images
African Woman Shelling Peanuts
Darwin Brandis/Getty Images
Muddy flooded river splash on rapid
PavLas23/Getty Images
Five woman walking home balancing firewood on their heads, Zimbabwe
MartinHarvey/Getty Images
Reef fish swim around a Coral Bommie. Great Barrier Reef. Australia.
Freemanfootage/Getty Images
2019 Hurricane Kiko Band 11
DakotaSmith/Getty Images
Waves of water of the river and the sea meet
cookelma/Getty Images
The sun casts its beautiful rays into the forest
Smileus/Getty Images
4K close-up view of a very dirty European White Stork eating something
MartinHarvey/Getty Images
4K view of a poor woman below the poverty line, walking through the dump site alongside thousands of European White Storks
MartinHarvey/Getty Images
4K close-up tilt-down view of a dead antelope that died of thirst
MartinHarvey/Getty Images
Car exhaust pipe emits exhaust and cooling liquid.
photographer/Getty Images
Aerial top view forest
petrunine/Getty Images
Air pollution from a coal-fired power station
Panksvatouny/Getty Images
4K close-up view of an elephant aggressively shaking its head, Botswana
MartinHarvey/Getty Images
Movement Along Beautiful Red Walls Smooth And Wave In Antelope Canyon
logvinov Dmitrii/Getty Images
Aerial flight with drone over the famous Skogar waterfall , Iceland.
verve231/Getty Images
White-necked jacobin birds flying
Travel&Wildlife/Getty Images
Flags of EU and European countries against the blue sky
Tanaonte/Getty Images
African woman without running water doing laundry in a bucket
MartinHarvey/Getty Images
One african woman collecting water from a tanker
MartinHarvey/Getty Images
Flooded Cars in the Parking Road in Desert
Emiltev/Getty Images
Polar bear walking in an arctic.
vladsilver/Getty Images
Slow motion of the pride flag
The Stock Studio/Getty Images
Group of African female farmers
AfrikanMotion/Getty Images
View of Ciudad del Este, the Second Largest City in Paraguay
R.M. Nunes/Getty Images

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