How Ibogaine Helps Treat Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

By Jack Barnes

Many drug addicts and alcoholics are spiritual, whether they realise it (and acknowledge the issue) or not. Since they are continually “reaching the next level” of their struggles—whether it’s mental or physical; nobody can deny that those obstacles are super powerful—on a conscious level, those sober-minded individuals are practicing spirituality. With your permission, I’d like to share several principles with you for gaining a sense of healing necessary to more-easily maneuver through the process of recovering from drug addiction.

What Is Ibogaine?

What sounds like a medical drug is actually a tree native to Gabon, Africa. Thousands of full moons ago, members of a wise African tribe stumbled upon this tree. In a fit of human curiosity, these people started chopping up the tree, digging like madmen to get to the root bark. Why? Because they knew something no one else did: the Iboga tree’s root bark contained psychoactive properties. This is why Iboga is often referred to as “the Earth’s root”.


On a physiological level, Ibogaine helps rebuild our immunity and flushes out our system. It not only expels potentially-fatal parasites, it gets rid of the herpes bacteria and yeast infections from our bodies as well. Not to mention that Ibogaine’s very properties are essential for reducing stress, which improves mental health, encouraging happiness. Meditation is another form of natural self-healing, and you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot of people cheering over the incredible benefits of daily meditation. One of those benefits is that intensive levels of depression decrease, stress’ strong power lessens even more, and further helps you center your mind and body to empower yourself for overcoming many obstacles.


Since Iboga is psychoactive (and used for intense self-awareness sessions), it is easy for people to uncover the many “hidden” reasons they turn to drugs. This gives people the clarity (and mental stamina) they need to eradicate their physical cravings for drugs and alcohol. Some people report that they have felt the positive effects of Iboga months after they participated in the initial session.

Stages Of Recovery

The mechanism of Ibogaine comes in three stages. Once Ibogaine is administered to the patient, it goes to work in a matter of minutes. What happens, over the course of a few hours, is that the brain’s neurotransmitters are “reset”. This means that the brain is transformed to how it was prior to drug and alcohol addiction. This act of the slate being wiped clean is the first stage.

The second stage of Ibogaine treatment occurs between 2-7 hours later. A guide then walks patients through Ibogaine’s oft-touted spiritual properties, and the guide helps them expertly maneuver the powerful experience of facing their underlying psyche. This underlying psyche, which is filled with past traumas, accidents, and psychological scars are often the subconscious catalysts for using drugs.

The third and last stage of the session is where healing begins. It is up to the patient to utilize the lessons they discovered during the second stage, and to turn those insights and problems into solutions. With this clarity, the recovery process becomes a lot more manageable and less painful.


Ibogaine allows you to look over the whole of your past, showing you secret “key” insights into your entire life. Ibogaine is not a pharmaceutical medicine by any measures – and that’s one of the reasons why this “Earth’s root” medicine is far more healthier for showing us what is truly important and life; as well as for helping us evolve beyond the whirlwind of the past.

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How Ibogaine Helps Treat Drug Addiction

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