Inky Johnson on His Paralyzing Football Injury & Turning Heartbreak into Purpose | The Pivot Podcast



Athlete turned motivational speaker Inky Johnson joins The Pivot in an inspirational and touching conversation. Known for his motivational talks and being a man admired by many for his enthusiasm in life, perspective on challenges and making the most of every situation, Inky talks about what helped shape him into the man, husband and father he is today. 

Sharing the details of the unforgettable day where a routine play on the field changed his life forever, Inky describes the moment he realized he would never be able to play football again. Taking us through the exact play on the field to waking up around his teammates realizing he couldn’t move to the urgency of the ER doctors when he realized he may not make it…this conversation carries so much emotion and powerful moments that will be life altering. 

An emotional Ryan, Fred and Channing ask how he has been able to recover and stay so positive when the sacrifices have been so great. Looking at his injury as a life blessing has been hard but also rewarding in making the pivot and finding his purpose. 

Along the journey, the people and many athletes Inky has impacted have been numerous from his time on coaching staffs to now touring as a speaker. In particular, Inky opens up about his close brotherhood with former NFL standout Eric Berry who wore #29 in honor of Inky and the two remained close as Inky overcame his own obstacles and in turn, he was there to help Eric through his cancer fight and returning to the field. 

Inky stresses that we may not be able to control our circumstances but we can control how we adapt, adjust and move forward…always willing to be stronger than the strongest excuse. A new episode of The Pivot drops every Tuesday at Noon eastern and special drops on Friday afternoons. 




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