Inside The Life Of Kylie Jenner’s Personal Assistant

Have you ever wondered what a day behind the scenes with Kylie Jenner would be like? Well, we’re not exactly sure, but Maguire Amundsen aka her newest personal assistant would know. And if you’re wondering who it is that keeps Kylie’s busy days running smoothly, she’s your girl.

Kylie’s close friend and former executive assistant Victoria Villarreo also knows what it’s like to work that closely with the beauty mogul and all that the job entails. She’s spoken openly about the work that goes into helping to run Kylie’s life and it definitely doesn’t seem like an easy task. It’s already one thing making appointments, making sure the house is stocked and running errands. And coordinating appearances and travel plans and booking stylists can’t make that any easier.

But on the other hand, being Kylie’s assistant and confidant has it’s perks. Traveling on a private jet with the Kylie Cosmetics founder is something that some Kylie fans would jump at the opportunity to do. Attending high profile appearances doesn’t sound like a bad time either. And being a part of Kylie’s inner circle is a coveted position.

While Maguire has been doing a great job keeping Kylie’s busy schedule on track, we love that Kylie and Victoria have maintained a close friendship even afer parting ways professionally. And we’d be lying if we said that Maguire’s position doesn’t seem like a job that some of us would want.

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0:40 Assistants Are BFFs
1:23 Long-Term Employees
2:08 All In A Day’s Work
2:42 Job Perks
3:29 Always On Call
3:59 Happy For Her Former Assistant’s Careers
4:30 Forgiving Of Mistakes
5:01 Spilling All The Secrets
5:32 Taking Cues From Kylie
6:06 Similar Styles Too…
6:39 All About First Impressions
7:11 Working For Kris Jenner First
7:46 The Right Qualifications
8:29 Best Boss Ever
9:12 A Family Affair
9:49 Outro

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Written by: Shatece Haynes
Narrated by: LanessaVO
Edited by: Steven Suñe

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