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If interested in an interview request Getmybuzzup will provide you with a “Q&A” (questions & answers) interview upon request.
The Q&A interview will include two (2) Hi-res photos that you provide and one link to either a personal website or song or musical project. Ensure to provide us with your social media details.

Interviews are the essential ingredient to our success, and the ones we love, we truly support in every way we can. 

Everything that’s posted on Getmybuzzup gets automatically pushed to our following social media outlets such as Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook. If you would like for your interview to be pushed to our premium networks such as Instagram that can be negotiated as well.

Fill out the form below to contact us to discuss pricing for the interview request.

NOTE: If you already have a written interview that you would like published then you can send it and we’ll publish it on our blog. If not we’ll provide you with the interview questions for answers and once you provide the completed Q&A interview; We’ll publish the interview for our readers. Ensure to be as detailed as possible; the more information the better our readers get to know you.

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