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22 thoughts on “Iowa Gov. Signs Strict Anti-Abortion Bill | The View

  1. Here's a question that not many people can seem to answer definitively, or at least not present a rational argument for:
    "At what point is abortion acceptable?"

    If you are one of those people who continuously reiterates the saying, "My body, my choice" then you should be okay with abortion up until the point of birth for the simple fact that the child is still in your body. However, when I ask those people if abortion up until birth is okay, I get a vast array of differing opinions. Some who say this are appalled at the idea of near birth abortions while others think it's acceptable. The truth is that nobody really has a deep understanding of why they have the opinion that they do. They haven't actually thought abortion through very thoroughly. They typically hear something that sounds good and jump on that train.

  2. Sorry Whoopi, but if you said you wanted to murder your child because they are your children that's murder.
    I think the babies life a bit more important in this case.

  3. “If you have a heartbeat then life is present.” What a dumb argument — the fetus isn’t viable outside the womb for many many weeks after that. To me, abortion should be ok as long as the fetus isn’t viable.

  4. A heartbeat is irrelevant, viability is what matters and once a fetus is viable, termination is no longer performed, with the exception of a medical emergency. Life begins at viability, it's a well known scientific fact. Until viability, the embryo/fetus is merely a parasite, scientifically speaking.

  5. This is nuts. Whoopi is just yelling about you can't tell me I cannot kill my child… um yes we can. We prevent people from committing murder it's the same thing. And why is it an extremely hard decision for the woman if its "not a life"? Because deep down she knows it's wrong. Women are ridiculous. There is no justification for being irresponsible sexually and wanting to kill the baby for your convenience.

  6. Life isn't about a heart beat. It's about brain functioning. Roe vs Wade has more to do with keeping women alive and stopping back alley abortions than it does with the baby. What is needed is comprehensive education regarding birth control. This is the only way we can morally significantly lower unwanted pregnancies.

  7. I feel that everyone who is against abortion should go down to the city and adopt a child or become a foster parent. Yall want them here, take care of one that was bought here and unwanted or parent was deemed unfit.

  8. Most abortions are performed on healthy babies with healthy mothers.  Very few are performed due to a birth defect, rape or incest.  Therefore, most abortions are simply murder cloaked as a woman's  right to terminate her pregnancy.  If you don't want to have to murder an unborn child then don't have sex.  Simple.  Now all the NOW women will cry rape and incest cases when I covered that above already.  Also, most woman who want abortion rights put pictures of their lucky children on Facebook and like Hillary Clinton call themselves proud mommies and Grammies.  Talking out of both sides of their a**hole mouths.

  9. Roe v Wade is NOT a law.
    They were the two opposing sides in a landmark legal case that set precedent. Some new state laws arose after this but as far as I know there is no federal law governing the legality of clinical or chemical abortion.
    There was however another landmark supreme court case that followed about 7 years later, in which the supreme court upheld (the then 3 year old legislation) that bars the use of federal funds for abortion, the Hyde amendment. (Harris v McRae 1980).

    Alls I'm saying is make sure you know what you are arguing.
    Spouting off about Roe v Wade as if it is some kind of law in and of itself is just pure ignorance.

  10. some of you americans are so stupid. taking away the normal right to birth control, getting planned parenthood banned in some places, making a stupid 6 week notice if you wanna get an abortion. i just dont get it. the woman that is pregnant with her child has every right to make whatever decision regarding her body. the state, the senators, the horses and cows with the company of religous beliefs need to stop making this kind of personal and intimate choices for people.

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