Is It Ok To Be A Scientist Who Selfies?



Author: I Caught U Slippin

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42 thoughts on “Is It Ok To Be A Scientist Who Selfies?

  1. This is silly as a scientist and medical student I’m a woman too if I want to take 20 selfies and all my scientist and medical friends have selfies; gone are the days of the ‘nerdy’ stereotype; being educated is sexy women are powerful and multifaceted.

  2. Ironically enough science has proven taking to many selfies are linked to sociopathy, low self steem and many other mental health issues. If you don't believe this look it up on Google

  3. I agree with all of them. scientists are just like us, and I love how jeannie thinks about things. I love you jeannie and tamera looks like a beautiful black goddess!!! Love tht dress!

  4. Some people are confident but ain't got time for criticism from a world full of beast that likes to provoke and pick on you 🚣🏊🔥🐲

  5. I like that jeannie adds depth to the show. It shows that she take the show seriously. She does her homework and try to make a lesson out of certain topics. You have to remember what type of show this is. it's girl talk and she's bringing the depth and inspiration. she's trying to inspire women/people. just take embrace it guys, she's doing it for you.

  6. Why people attribute looks to job title is beyond me. Unless your looks are your job…why would anyone assume they can't be a scientist, teacher, or welder based on how they look? Also, why would you need a selfie of someone else doing what you want top do to make your passion be a "job choice"?
    Ugggh selfies.

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  9. What the hell kinda topic is this?? Are y’all really talking about who can and cannot take selfies?! A selfie is literally just a person taking a photo of themselves. I’m so confused as to the point of this question lol

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