Is Kanye West Lying About Yeezys? | Full Size Run

On this week’s Full Size Run, we’re joined by Complex’s own Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins to break down the week’s best, worst, and most ridiculous sneaker news. Does Kanye West really make more money on shoes than Michael Jordan? Why is he still riding so hard for Trump? What would a “Dragon Energy” Yeezy look like, anyway? Plus, we’re taking a look at ASAP Rocky’s first Under Armour sneaker, covering the latest updates on Drake’s Jordan deal, and much more.

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47 thoughts on “Is Kanye West Lying About Yeezys? | Full Size Run

  1. All three are horrible. Please get cancer and die under great suffering. The cuck faggot on the right is unbearable and really needs to be stabbed in the liver.

  2. This Jinx person, no good. He ruined the last episode he was on, and ruined this one too. Please no more of this guy. There are a lot of places he can pretend like he's really wise, insightful and informed that aren't FSR.

  3. these are a collab with dave mayhew. y'all wack for not doing your research, dude got fucked over on his sales for that shoe with orsiris so now he is collabing with asap to bring it back since it was the best selling skate shoe ever made.

  4. Two days late with the comment but…
    – Tongue tags got switched for all black jumpman suede/nubuck tags
    – May 12th placeholder date
    – NRG Release, so limited quantity
    And Drake already signed with Adidas at this point

  5. How much of what is recorded do we actually see?? Why don’t we see everyone’s cop/drop of the week or best/worst thing on the internet? Just curious

  6. Who cares black people are not required to be a Democrat. Stop getting mad because he supports Trump. If it was the other way around you would be called a racist.

  7. Jinx needs to be the new host of full size run and replace the 2 lames who can't dress for shit and got no style or personality.

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