Is Slaughterhouse Officially Broken Up? | The Joe Budden Podcast

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29 thoughts on “Is Slaughterhouse Officially Broken Up? | The Joe Budden Podcast

  1. Joey once said “you past your prime, I ain’t spit ether yet// you need a major, I just need an Ethernet.” Joey been a media guy and he knew it awhile ago.

  2. Hey man, I don't want to see Slaughterhouse go like this. Come on, Joe. Put your ego aside and get everyone together to finish what's left of Glasshouse. Royce is right. You should at least finish with Shady. This minor miscommunication was the reason the group hasn't been rapping for so long. Just link up, vent your feelings to everyone including Eminem, admit you were wrong and resuscitate Slaughterhouse. I haven't listened to anything better since Slaughterhouse. You guys made and ruined Hip Hop for me at the same time Lol. There's nothing else that comes close after you experience Slaughterhouse. Everything else is subpar. Lol. You founded the group, You killed the group and you can revive the group.

  3. Idk this is conflicting because even tho joe is retired solo he said he would rap if the group does and basically said before he’s been waiting so idk what to say… they should get there money worth the group so why not ask more when the album comes or something

  4. I’m pretty sure everyone was already blaming You anyway. After you did that reality show blah blah blah… It is what it is. I’m pretty sure most people like you guys as solo artists anyway

  5. This is bullshit yo… poppy as welcome to our house was it had it's moments n I was really looking forward to glass house….😔👎

  6. Sad that one of my favorite rappers is known more for his podcast than his music . It’s cool though that’s crazy that you can be so talented at both.

    Slaughterhouse never worked in my opinion everyone’s solo projects are better than the collaborations.

    The chopping block record on bar exam 4 was fresh though .

    Royce is aging like wine in terms of his artistry.

  7. You sign a contract, just finish it.. If y'all never rap again oh well you never rap again. Glass House is nearly done right? So why can't us fans have THAT closure?

  8. I respect the fact that Joey is taking responsibility for the fall of Slaughterhouse, although I still believe that Interscope is still responsible for how WTOH was facilitated, and if Glasshouse was officially finished, I believe they would've been forced to recreate another body of work that's as commercialized as their last album.

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