Jalen Rose calls out restaurant for not getting Giannis Antetokounmpo a seat | Jalen & Jacoby | ESPN

Jalen Rose calls out a taco restaurant in Milwaukee for not getting Giannis Antetokounmpo a seat after the Bucks’ Game 4 win over the Boston Celtics.

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48 thoughts on “Jalen Rose calls out restaurant for not getting Giannis Antetokounmpo a seat | Jalen & Jacoby | ESPN

  1. they did miss a big opportunity for free advertising. i don't see how hard it would be to just send the guy some tacos while he was standing? You don't have to be a groupie to know how to get a 1 milliong impressions for free using a celeb

  2. Love me some Yannis but he's just a human like us, who for a living does a job which doesn't have a meaning. Keeping it 100. Props for the restaurant staff.

    Although I bet they just didn't recognize him.

  3. That’s why Jalen Rose don’t own a restaurant and they do. Sure, celebrities will attract attention but, they have rules. Respect for the restaurant!

  4. Jalen's bitching when there isn't any video like this from Giannis himself. Is Jalen his bitchwhore or something? Announcement, if ever you see Jalen in any restaurant, he expect you to treat him like royalty. STFU Jalen!!!

  5. I bet these ppl who r saying the taco didn't do no good to Giannis would b the same ppl who would be up against the restaurant holding democracy placards had they given him the VIP treatment.. hypocrites

  6. It's far more better to have him wait than to give him the VIP treatment… otherwise would have been blown all over the media as to where's our equality

  7. Honestly Jacoby is corn ball and I don’t know why he has show. If it wasn’t for Jalen no would even be listening… just saying

  8. Fucking stupid argument, he still human like rest of us, get in the line, it doesnt matter if he is nba player and taking bucks playoffs and getting millions for that, he is not a president or a god, just stupid even think that other people should give their tables or whatever

  9. Professional athletes are one of the only true meritocracies. They earn their money & actually pay taxes. Were you all so concerned about the working man when the unions were getting busted & a hateful half wit con artist was getting elected? GIVE THE MAN A TACO FFS!

  10. I've been in that situation and I'm a regular guy ended up sharing a table with some females I didn't know we had a great time I offered to pay for the tab they wouldn't let me they did let me buy them a drink only after I insisted. After they left the waitress came over to clean the table I thank her for asking the lady's if it was ok to share their table with me she said its something she does when it's crowded I paid my tab and gave her a tip she told me the lady's had tipped her I gave her a good tip anyway !!

  11. Excuse me idiot why should he have any preference over anybody else cause he plays basketball if I'm waiting in line he's waiting in line okay get over it my money is good as his unless he's paying for the whole freaking restaurant that night

  12. He bleed the same as you and me so he should be treated the same. I swear ever since Kobe dropped 81 on this niggas Jalen head he hasn’t been the same

  13. Fuck that !!!!! He ain't better then anyone else. Fuck it if he can't wait he can leave!!!! Ain't nobody better then anyone else. I'm sure if he had waited they would have gotten a seat.

  14. So you want an owner of a business to kick out other people from the restaurant because he's more famous? Suck a dick

  15. The restaurant was full everyone was going there after the game. Dumb Jalen needs to get his carries ass off tv.

  16. You all are making this a bigger deal than Giannis. Not only that, but there are better Mexican restaurants here in Milwaukee than Bel Air.😂

  17. Entitled people are shit for brains. You will die too. Just remember that. Plus. Mexicans dont give a shit about basketball for the most part anyway.

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