Jamie Foxx Criticizes TMZ for Kanye West Interview | TMZ TV

Jamie Foxx Criticizes TMZ for Kanye West Interview | TMZ TV

Jamie Foxx tore into TMZ for giving Kanye West a platform to express himself, because he says something’s not right with Yeezy.

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36 responses to “Jamie Foxx Criticizes TMZ for Kanye West Interview | TMZ TV”

  1. Anytime someone talk about rising up against there oppressor, you call em crazy!

  2. One of TMZ's jobs is to entertain the "🐑" and keep black folks on the Democrat plantation.

  3. Jaime right though, just like yall did to Amanda Bynes. It was clear she was unwell before her parents stepped in and yall ate that shit up! sometimes you just have to have moral fiber that supersedes financial gain.

  4. Shut up 🦊, you a lair all day long .

  5. I can not stand The TMZ host/staff, all cooning for the masses. Kanye got them scared as hell.

  6. Jamie is right I stand behind that TMZ should know what they put out can effect a star there ppl just like us There should be a rule on TMZ if they're going through a mentally ill challenge or loose like a death in the family or death close to them this should be reported my thoughts

  7. I’m Not Black, I’m Kanye

  8. It would of been more awkward if no one responded to him grabbing everyone's attention in the office. Being that confronting will only provoke an adverse reaction 😛

  9. Hx of mental illness? You are some dumb mother fuckers. Did you know, in some states, I (literally) can have you (literally) committed to a mental institution (literally) simply because I say you have a mental condition (maybe You laugh too much, or eat too healthy, or…..have an opinion differing from mine….?!) Ain't nothing wrong w Kanye. The rest of you are a bunch of mind slaves, by CHOICE.

  10. Stupid people as in Danielle Bregoli😵😰

  11. Slave Rebellions make Kanyes point.

  12. I love how morons are so focused on the 'slavery is a choice' line but totally ignore Kanye's larger point! Black people overwhelmingly vote Democrat and their reasons are based in bullshit lies. Republicans are single handedly responsible for blacks being free and having equal rights but most blacks think Democrats are for them and Republicans are the racists. When Obama ran blacks voted for him at 98%!!! There isn't a topic or person that whites would vote 98% for! Kanye is talking truth and unfortunately these days words actually do hurt snowflakes.

  13. Wheres Paul mooney 😂

  14. I hadn't seen this before. I did hear a lot of the backlash his comment received…some of it has been hillarious😂🤣😂 on a serious note, his words were taken out of context. Kanye was stating that a revolt should have been had. He's saying that people who allow themselves to be oppressed for that long are choosing to suffer for a life of indignity and misery rather than die for justice and the freedom of future generations. Stop taking words literally and listen to the real message.😒

  15. So just before This KANYE/TMZ interview everybody assumed Kanye was back to “Normal “ and licking there lips for some new MUSIC . Still says he supports trump 😱😱😱 and now he Back to Mentally unfit, needs a doctor blah blah blah… Was ready to suck him off, now he Uncle Tom right. If u listen To the song “Through the wire” and to his last so called crazy interview on Sway in the morning. He been telling y’all the system fucked up. He was crazy then, now it’s flip flopped but he crazy now The game fucked up y’all all just ride whatever wave 🌊 is trending

  16. Slaverly is still a problem, most people are ignorant to it. Slavery is at its highest point ever in history. Professional Mixed Martial Artist, Francis Ngannou, spreads awareness to help people affected by this (specifically is Cameroon) by donating his earnings to help.

  17. These people who make millions from making music or anythingr at that matter feel like they are smatter and for some reason they having something regular people dont and its a lie and they look like this after

  18. Did he say 400 years of slavery was a choice or did he say it sounds like a choice? And is there a difference between the two?

  19. My brothers and sisters don’t fall for TMZ’s tactics! Their prime objective is to make money for their investors. While Kanye is asking to Free your enslaved mind from this type of manipulation. Just because someone or some corporations edits One’s expression of Love from the heart don’t mean that it’s fact! Not even God can edited free thought. This would violate his divinity of Love and Free Will. TMZ was challenged to release the full unedited video. They try to hide their click bait manipulation by sneaking in the unedited but failed to give it the fuel and promotion they gave the intended edited manipulated narrative which all sources picked up and promoted. But yet, no apologies, redactions or corrections!?🤔 Is this type of tactic honest and responsible with out facing consequences?🤔

  20. This fool a sell out coon too

  21. Is Donald trump aiding a race war?

  22. Jamie fox shut up it isn’t tmz

  23. Well if you can't see that TMZ edit videos to fit their narrative then I have no hope.

  24. Jamie Foxx is that the guy that is seeing Tom Cruises ex so he can get closer to Tom's ass hole ? lol

  25. Wow….can't automatically. Diagnose a person as mentally ill just because you don't agree with the point they're. Trying to make…..yes he fucced his choice of words up when he said…IF WE STILL HEARING ABOUT SLAVERY AFTER 400 YEARS That sounds like a choice……..he clearly doesn't think people WANTED 2 be slaves……his trying to say lets free our hearts and minds NOW or if we continue. Another 400 years is a choice … Kanye was lucid and just fine at tmz……he just gets soooo excited when his talking he often starts down more than one path and make parallel points its the type of thinker he is a has a creative thought process……not limited to music or design…..so when he speaks it can get all over the place and be explosive…..he is brilliant…period

  26. TMZ is not the enemy, Kanye's ignorance and lack of empathy for your own race is the enemy.

  27. That’s right slaves, keep eating the scraps from their tables they feed you. Don’t break the chains and think for yourselves.

  28. Kanye is saying what every black man thinks but is not willing to say.

  29. Lol funny, he didn't say slavery was a choice though. Don't twist his words over and over again. Yes it sounds crazy but listen to his exact words and try to see what he meant.

  30. I saw the interview and he was great and what he said was powerful, why not support him if you claim he is not well.
    Why do the job of the enemy by trying to put him down. Trump showed him more compassion than you bunch of morons. Stop the madness. Then you wan to know why you are oppressed for 400 years, because even the famous are idiots.

  31. Jamie is gay so…..who cares what he saying. Kanye is a grown azz man no one exploited his crazy Azz

  32. The indians committed suicide to avoid their descendants being labeled as slaves..Its called honor!! ..At least they resisted….Instead of fearing death and accepting christianity and praying while their own kind die like flies. Our people are indifferent, that's the point! Kanye has a few points well. There is a god damn choice after 400 years. What are saying, that we so foolish/inferior that we cant figure things out after such a long period of suffering? We are in denial, never facing truth!!!

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