Jana Kramer on Overcoming Infidelity & Healing from Divorce. Guys Talk Sex Addiction & Micro Penises

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Star Actress, singer & podcaster Jana Kramer opens up to the guys after her recent divorce and describes how she was able to find peace again. 

Jana doesn’t hold back in an emotional and pivotal conversation of how she found a way to climb up after hitting rock bottom in her marriage and family life dealing with very public relationship issues.

Being in the spotlight, everyone thinks you have a perfect life until it becomes headlines that your husband is a sex addict and habitual cheater. The cycle of abuse and taking someone back to preserve family values was the hardest situation to bounce back from Kramer explained. 

After being married to ex NFLer Mike Caussin, Jana battled through infidelity and her ex going to rehab for sex addiction which spins the conversation as Channing and the guys question whether sex addiciton is really a thing or just an excuse for being a cheater. 

The chart topping songstress, with a current number one single Story right now, details that reality of heartbreak and humiliation on how she handled everything playing out on the public stage and even did a show about it.
Ryan tells Jana how in their culture, black women often protect their men not sharing what goes on with their relationships outside of the home so he is curious why Jana chose to openly share about her situation. 

“I felt if I could help one person heal or learn from my experience then it was worth it,” Kramer said. Fred doesn’t find her actions petty or weak, he tells Jana she is brave for sharing and being able to bounce back stronger than before. 

Kramer says how she was made to believe that the NFL locker rooms breed this type of behavior and the guys are the first to say that is not the case. Ryan speaks up immediately saying the locker room has some very good men and bad choices are a reflection of the person you are not an excuse for your environment.

Of course Channing digs further into the sexual conversations and calls out Jana on a recent headline about her new boyfriend having a small penis which she laughs off and says is definitely not the case- “Having a micro penis is not what I said or what he has,”!

Continuing the light and humorous tone, Channing challenges Jana to a sing off with Little Mermaid as the two break out into a duet, as they bond over parenting and always wanting a better life for your children. 

As we continue to build the Pivot Podcast Platform, we want to become a show for everyone and share stories of life, healing, change and lessons that affect all of us and tell everyone’s story. New episodes release every Tuesday at Noon eastern with special releases on Fridays. 

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