Janelle on Kanye West: “I don’t support freethinking that fuels the oppressor and their agenda”

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I Caught U Slippin

I have a passion for blogging about what's trending in Hip Hop, R&B, and Celebrity Entertainment. I'm a huge sports fan; my favorite teams are The NY Knicks & NY Jets. I also enjoy spending time with family, and working hard as hard work pays off.

25 thoughts on “Janelle on Kanye West: “I don’t support freethinking that fuels the oppressor and their agenda”

  1. Yall are trying really hard to twist her words in this comment section. Hate speech although is freedom of speech is still not right just because you have the right to it. Unplug people…

  2. You motherfucking can take the blue pill and remain slaves to the establishment. Live your lives like drones and be controlled by corporations like Google and the leftist media. I'll take the red pill and do my own thinking. Why do motherfuckers need famous people to tell you whether or not you can think for yourself or what type of free thought is acceptable? Free thought is just that free thought. No one should be telling what type of free thought is acceptable because then it's no longer free thought. It becomes controlled thought.

    Kanye was brave to speak his mind knowing that the media would try to assassinate his character. Fortunately for him, he has always been on the edge and spoken his mind, so the repercussions for him won't bee that bad. Janelle on the other hand can't afford that type of negative media scrutiny. She has to say whatever her handlers tell her to say. Make up your own minds and stop letting people tell you what type of thinking is acceptable.

  3. I like Janelle’s music. But this was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to witness how Margaret Sangeresque she is

  4. Kanye is not alive neither is Dave chappell why you think Mos def Left. ???? Davids chappelle voice isn't even the same ? now he is buff ? Kanye album is going to a Rock album like a white boi

  5. Yo somebody need to check this nigga Kanye he has gotten way to many passes! Definitely not of or for the culture only promotes shock value shit these days…sad he has been mentally slaved…like wtf

  6. I hate to hear black folks say minorities. Shit, black folks are getting killed at an alarming rate than any other group of people in this country. Black folks are at the bottom of the economic ladder compared to any other ethnic group in the U.S and blacks are the ones who through slave labor, and civil rights made this country integrated and building the wealth that many whites enjoy today, and yet blacks are at the bottom. We get black folks like her who think that all-inclusivity is fair. No, it is not fair, because all ethnic that migrate to the U.S do not share the same experience that descendants of slaves experience in this country. If immigrants that migrate to the U.S are OPPRESSED, then why would the want to stay here? They would stay the hell where they were at. LBGT is to be all-inclusive too. You will never hear them when a black man is shot by the police nor do you see any immigrants or any other ethnic groups doing the same, but black folks will get their asses in the street to fight for others. Come on now

  7. I hear you my Sister!! We have to vote to get the people out of office that don't represent us. Janelle is looking Beautiful as always.

  8. Kanye's "coonforce" has greatly increased in the last few months… Damn Kardashians got him lost in the sunken place hard.

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