Jason Diagnoses Nicki Minaj with “Jealousy, Fear & Desperation” on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]


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25 thoughts on “Jason Diagnoses Nicki Minaj with “Jealousy, Fear & Desperation” on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. I know this was coming, smh Jason bashing Nicki Even tho it was her fault with those crazy Kayne rants. Jason such a fan boy for Card, he was waiting on her to fall so he could point it out! She needs to take some time off and get it together, this is a new ave of kids out they feeling Cardi, it want last forever, so just sit back stop trying to make wack music for the radio's and get back to the old mixtape with drake & gucci , Nicki!

  2. I agree with the lady most people are clout chasing and bandwagon haters

  3. I can’t stand the pin line stop saying the pin….

    And they’re better rappers they just never got on because she blocked them…

  4. It would be epic if these girls came together and did a ladies night / 5 star chick type collab. I remember all I do is win it was like 10 niggas on the song original + remix lol

  5. Jason I love you and all but I’m so sick of he Nikki talk. If you don’t fuck with her that’s cool stop speaking on her

  6. Jason, the Beyonce comment got me. Thanks for saying this. She aint worried to busy. All that hare Beyonce experienced early on, helped her develop that thick skin.

  7. The black girl dumb..obviously she doesn’t do her homework. Nicki gave props but was still saying subliminal shit on her mixtapes. She is so delusional

  8. i actually disagree with her being a great lyricist what does she truly talk about she is not a nas all she talks about is her pussy and her being so great what else does she talk about

  9. Do you know how dope it would be if Nicki could put her pride aside and do a ladies anthem? With kash doll.. cardi b…. Remy. That would be beyond epic. We haven't had it since ladies night. Hip hop needs it right now. But…. pride is a mfer

  10. & i diagnose you with being a pussy ass nigga who can't seem to leave Nicki the fuck alone just because you're getting​ a check from Atlantic. Fuck YOU and CARDI and ATLANTIC!

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