Jennifer Lopez talks advice for new mom Cardi B and Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award | Music Choice Exclusive [Interview]

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

By Jack Barnes

My advice to anybody, is not give advice to new moms—nobody likes it. When I was pregnant and everybody was like, “This and that,” I’m like, “Please just stop telling me all these things. Can I just figure—I kinda do wanna figure it out on my own. I know I’m not gonna be perfect but let me just do my—“ everybody has so much advice for you. I would not give her any advice. See if she needs anything—do you need water? Like, when we were doing the video, she was preggies and I was just like, “Are you good? Do you wanna sit down?”—that’s what they need! They need a little pampering. Take care of them. No advice. Enjoy this video stream below after the jump and please share this with friends.

Photo Credit: Music Choice/Juan Navarro


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