Jhene Aiko Graces the Cover of Galore

Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko

By Jack Barnes

Galore is excited to launch their latest issue featuring Jhene Aiko. Shot by Prince and Jacob, the exclusive content and images will be featured in the limited print edition, as well as on Snapchat, Instagram, and at galoremag.com. The shoot payed homage to Jhene’s diverse, multi-cultural background.

Jhene talks exclusively to Galore about her what she’s working on this spring. “I’m just really excited because it’s been a few years of me compiling all these different things and taking the time to create something that I feel like is timeless,” she said. “It’s really for my family that I express myself and turn stuff into art because its’ just me expressing myself. So I’m excited to share it and release it so I can move on.”

Photo Credit to Galore

She continues to talk about how she manages to stay low-key as her profile continues to rise. “I don’t believe in celebrity worship,” she said. “I don’t believe in anyone being above anyone else and that’s why a lot of my listeners are just people who will come up to me and have a casual conversation.”

In her interview, Jhene also talks about her mixed heritage. “…I’ve had people make racial comments about black people to me not knowing that I am part black, I’ve had people make comments about being Asian to me, not realizing that I’m Asian – or even people not realizing I’m also European” she said. “It’s something that I notice every day but I’ve gotten used to the fact that a lot of people still don’t understand the concept of being mixed, you know? So I’m patient with them.”

Galore is a talent-centric media company for the daring, progressive and creative Gen Z girl with content surrounding Beauty, Style, Sex + Dating, and Fitness. In addition to the media site Galore, Galore Media also has Kitten, a leading digital influencer agency which represents some of the leading creators on Instagram and Snapchat. Combined, Galore Media is reaching over 50 million people daily, with over 25 million Snapchats viewed per month.




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