Jim Jones on boxing 50 Cent, T.I. explains Kanye & Chika Freestyles on HOT 97 This Week!

Jim Jones says he would box 50 Cent anytime, T.I. explains how Kanye envisions the world and Chika Freestyles Funk Flex Freestyle. on HOT 97 This Week!

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11 thoughts on “Jim Jones on boxing 50 Cent, T.I. explains Kanye & Chika Freestyles on HOT 97 This Week!

  1. How you let your race be enslaved and not all fight to the death for your people. That’s some nut stuff! If I was my people get pulled in and fed to sharks for fighting, that don’t mean I just give up. I getn fed to the sharks too then. Making excuses because Yal don’t want to admit that the nut niggas became slaves.

  2. If the KKK come through your neighborhood and say we all slaves and you do nothing then you made a choice. If you say fuk outta here, and go out shooting then you made a choice. Why black people these days so damn sensitive? Yal sound so dumb. Just looking to be mad at anyone for speaking the damn truth.

  3. byrdgaaang! I miss the days with stack and the guy that was a jigga clone.. matrix or something..I survived cancer twice while having half of my face amputated in the process.. a tumor destroyed my jaw and changed everything I once knew.. I decided to start my own channel to inspire others who feel ugly and not good enough for this world..I moved to Barcelona to build a new life. I want to show others that it's all about positivity and energy.. and that with the right mindset, you can overcome any mental or physical hurdle if u just learn to love yourself! positive energy trumps any physical shell! go check me out and subscribe if u want to help me reach my goal of helping others who lack self-love.. it would mean the world to me!!

  4. I wasn't listening to Kanye anyway. He always seemed to be an attention whore. How do you speak about anyone's mentality when u got lipo so as not to be shamed by the media's perception of you? I told you… Attention whore! No matter how much you THINK you are a Free Thinker you MUST have Spirit behind it! And to any Stans…
    Them Witches In Calabasas TOOK that!!! 💯

  5. Kanye ain't 💩 , he only doing this to be revelant again after marrying Whoredashians and Kartrashians because he don't want to be looked at as a KEPT MAN.

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