Just-Kapri Talks His Transition from NFL to Rapping, Mom’s Influence, Fetty Wap Feature, New Music

Just-Kapri Talks His Transition from NFL to Rapping, Mom's Influence, Fetty Wap Feature, New Music

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Chicago native and NFL player Just-Kapri is making his transition from the football field to the recording studio. Coming from Chi-town, since a child his mother was the foundation for his musical appreciation. We sat down with the 28 year old to discuss his background from being an athlete to now rapping and how it all came about. Now, being a father of one, he has his sights on what’s to come as an artist. During our BET Weekend chat, he spat a verse that his mom wrote for him when he was a kid to working with Hip Hop heavyweight Fetty Wap on new music. He’s previously released songs and visuals, which are on streaming platforms, and you can definitely expect much more from him in the near future.


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