K. Michelle roasts Tamar Braxton after surgery …


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42 thoughts on “K. Michelle roasts Tamar Braxton after surgery …

  1. All that money k Michelle got she got more money so how is her surgery so cheap, I hope the best for kay maybe it just wasn't for her, n also everybody body isn't the same…

  2. K Michelle ran down a** feeding into bipolar Moniece instigating skeletor looking a** both need to stop this childish behavior. Moniece mad because her titties looking like to miniature bowling bowls and K Michelle should be praying her necrosis away!

  3. Lawd birds of a feather flock together monece is her "friend" today wow….anyways I saw that shade Tamar posted about being a real mother when these two bitches have been called out about leaving their children with other people to raise😒…but that's none of my business 💅☕🐸

  4. Lmaoooo she said off the Groupon. That shit was funny. Given her and K Michelle's history she should of know that would be seen as shade.

  5. I still can't watch Tamar without feeling some type of way…her vibes just comes off hella ugly and god don't like ugly..maybe the entertainment just isn't the right career bizz for her…

  6. And the dumb ass friend who was up their egging her should be dragged too! Acting like that shit is cute you should be helping her your friend out she out here looking like a bitter ass mess and instead of telling her the truth like K I think you should just let this one ride this about your health be greatful your still here let's start trying to make a positive difference yada yada yada NO you want to out here aiding in the fuckery y she must be buying you a new bag or something or maybe you flying for free but whatever it is it ain't worth helping your friend make a complete ass of her self

  7. So she not mad at Steve for asking the question she just mad a Tamar for answering the question 🤔 yes K gtf up you really need to not even a near death experience can make your dumb ass humble we get it you insecure and ashamed of you actions but to take it out on Tamar who did nothing but what her JOB description told her to do is petty and your bitterness and pettiness is showing

  8. Tamar wasn't just throwing shade bout the butt shots it was also shade bout being a mom and granted k might be in her feelings cuz she's not around her son as she'd like but come on. Groupon? Also never dis her som for a club, job or man definitely shade. Not sure to who but clearly shade. There's a reason they think she talkin bout k whether you know the reason or not

  9. K Michelle is sad you always think that somebody talking about her like her friend an other ppl see that its always k Michelle that comes for ppl she a simp who say simp shit!

  10. These bitches who K Michelle have in her corner aren't looking out for her best interest. I real friend or someone who's looking out for your overall well-being wouldn't participate in childish petty back-and-forth nonsense. This surgery ….this procedure was dangerous and life-threatening.( At least that's what you claim in a tearful post-surgery video) the only thing that should be on your mind is your overall health and well-being and getting back to your family and your career. Like your real friend said.. you can't heal correctly if you're not thinking positive thoughts in your mind. Gurl stop.

  11. Really K you getting crazy glue pulled out your ass and you talking about being petty. I can't with this people and is that Moniece? 2 bad moms that never have their kids stick together

  12. First of all Steve Harvey is messy…! For even asking Tamar anything concerning K. Michelle, knowing that they both have a history of not getting along with one another…!! #I'm pretty sure that He can find way more other topics to discuss…Ijs!😊

  13. So why u up making a video and her buddy a ish starter why would she even be telling her about that foolery sometimes the best thing is not to respond to foolery f@$# people a person have the right to their opinions 💌

  14. That friend being messy without all the information. If she was really a friend she would've been trying to shield k Michelle from stress, while she trying to recover

  15. K. Michelle befriending Moniece, of ALL people, is bad energy waiting to happen. Didn't she learn from Joseline? Moniece is toxic and lives to instigate negativity.

  16. all Tamar said was,
    "cheap plastic surgery is dangerous"-paraphrasing
    like…..isnt it?!!
    went public so,
    wht did you think ?
    k.michelle is a ticking time bomb,she went off on Jonathan too!
    she has bipolar in my opinion

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