Kanye Reacts To Pete Being More Hands On With His Kids

The pure chaos of the divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West cannot be overstated. These two have been back and forth for what feels like years over this extended breakup and honestly it doesn’t look like it’s gonna end any time soon. The glue that holds this chaos together keeps Kim and Kanye from making any kind of clean break are their four awesome kids! It has been very clear since the beginning of this drama that the number one priority for both of these billionaire parents is the safety and happiness of their children, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. How they both go about it… that’s where things get sticky. I’m Eric Myrick and in this video I’m gonna go over Kanye’s reaction to being on the outside of the Kardashian family and his reaction to Pete Davidson being on his way in.

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Written by: Eric M. Myrick
Narrated by: Eric M. Myrick
Edited by: Eric M. Myrick

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