Kanye West Says ‘400 Years of Slavery.. Sounds like a Choice’


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42 thoughts on “Kanye West Says ‘400 Years of Slavery.. Sounds like a Choice’

  1. Fuck black people. It's like Trump personally came to each one of ya'll momma cribs and fucked her in the ass in front of you. Black people should have remained being slaves

  2. Ye was basically saying if they were a slave for 400 years, People had to sit there and let it happen, nobody keeps you as a slave for that long unless you "chose" not to be free or fight for freedom. Why does that offend everyone.???

  3. If you were a slave……..wouldn't you rebel and fight ?
    Why do people think what kanye said was crazy, IDK about you but i wouldn't let anyone make me a slave……….it is a choice. #FACTS

  4. American slavery was only 244 years, not 400. It ended over 150 years ago. Over 600,000 americans died fighting in the war that ended American slavery. Kayne was sayin that its a choice for people alive today to choose to be a victim from slavery today.

  5. I am not a Kanye fan. Never was. Any man that talks about men leaving black women for a white girl..then goes with a stripper and a hoe just because they are white…saw all I needed then. People hailing him as a genius for remixing other people music. Alloeing him to walk around talking about he is Jesus and all the rest bull. This man is and has always been dangerous. Now in a time with so much racial crap…he out here giving air to these alphawhite goons. I don't fuck with none of that. But this man putting out dangerous crap. How can you denounce your own history? Slavery didn't begin in America. It only lasted the longest here. After the slave trade was abolished America kept blacks enslaved and that stigma has never left. For Kanye to say that 400 yrs of slavery was a choice…somebody pull the plug

  6. Ima list the choices for yall dumbass niggas
    1. live a slave until you die
    2. attempt escape and die a slave
    3.attempt escape and POSSIBLY live free

  7. Seems like you don't get it, because you're retarded. He actually used his psycho brain to think up a new thought, and you just can't understand it. Blacks should have overthrown the slavemasters.

  8. how about him working with Candace Owens ? is that for a promot , i call bullshit on this one. AK i love you and you my boy but you need too research all this shit better when its involves politics like you did in you war in chiraq videos back in the day.

  9. it's more like 150 years of slavery and he's right. not a single significant rebellion in 150 years…sounds like they chose to be farming equipment rather than fight for their freedom to me. Don't get mad at me, your ancestors were cowards. truth huts.

  10. 400 years of slavery does sound like a choice, where ever they had 400 years of slavery cause we haven’t had that ever in the US, it was founded in 1776 and slavery was abolished in 1865 that’s only 89 years of slavery

  11. All nigga stfu you don’t know what happen back then. We wasn’t there. Yo just stick to commentary you can’t handle that smoke. Desus already prove that. Lol ijs

  12. Tbh I fuck wit ak…… but u have to be careful with what u say my boy at least yay trolling to promo his album, while 69 trolling to see if he can get touched… bro it’s sad but we are all still in chains mentally wake the fuck up we are all in social bondage.

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