Kanye West Talks to Ebro: ‘I Love Donald Trump’

Ebro opens up about a conversation he had with Kanye West over certain tweets in regards to certain political figures.

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48 thoughts on “Kanye West Talks to Ebro: ‘I Love Donald Trump’

  1. I was gonna comment my opinion but I feel like the people in the comment section might kill me because my opinion doesn't matter since I am a "white privileged male" & I do not know the struggle lol

  2. how they know Kanye doesn't understand, bc he's rich? that's the problem Black people have, we forget race and look at people's class, even in our own race.

  3. Y’all mad at kanye for liking what he likes feeling how HE wants to feel y’all lame. I hate Donald trump but just because we hate Donald trump means Kanye has to not like him to? you guys lame

  4. Hold on, poor isn’t “the black experience” that’s a narrow view. Secondly there is a broader scope that should define the culture. Being educated or middle class black does end strip you for perspective, it simple provides an alternative one. I think what’s being missed is the arguments of DuBois and Booker T resurfacing without a nuanced and detailed eloquence. Malcolm X said he’d vote for Barry Goldwater a known racist because it would purge black ppls dependence on liberal policies.

  5. Kanye is trolling just like tekashi 69. If you take what he is saying to heart you're really stupid. He just a wants more attention money and fame. That is all

  6. Ebro, I think you took it a bit far bro with that Carter playdate joke…leave the kids out of all this mess! Kanye ain't no conservative and we all know that. I don't believe Kanye West is a coon either considering although I disagree with his opinions on Trump. Kanye West said he likes the way Candace thinks but he didn't necessarily say that he agrees with everything she has said. Kanye loves the fact that Trump is like him in not giving a damn what people think and says what's on his mind. He is not really SELFISH like Ebro repeats although he is somewhat materialistic. You would never those types of things about Jay-Z that he is surrounded by Yes-Men, materialistic, and very selfish although it would apply more to him. Kanye has done a lot for his community in Chicago and has over the years given back in various ways and continues to give back. I do think he lives in a bubble and has purposefully sheltered himself from the real struggles that a lot of common black folks go through and for that I am disappointed but not shocked.

  7. Everybody is proving kanyes point. Basically if you don't have a liberal agenda or liberal views or even non leftist ones the digital social justice lynch mob comes for you. Stop forcing & demonizing people just bc they have a different opinion from yours You people are severely fucking brainwashed.

  8. The ACTUAL truth is that there is no American political party in existence at the moment that gives a damn about black people. We can "wake up" to what the democratic party is doing, but that does not mean the republican party hasn't in the past nor isn't trying to hold you back or really giving any consideration to the black community's struggles in public policy. Neither side of the spectrum really gives a damn and they've proved this over an over again, this all ultimately comes down to trying to gain votes so they can get into office and mold America to their own liking.

    The only people that can help black people is black people, not politicians. Instead of trying to coerce people to another side of the political spectrum, (which is why the right seems so excited right now) encourage people not to become sheep to any one ideology and think for yourself always, and question everything. Politicians are not your friends, nor is anyone involved in politics in this climate.

  9. you democrat lovin sheep are bein played like a fiddle. the dnc woudnt exist without a suppressed minority. they know this and they will do anything to keep you in that mind set! left and right wings are part of the same bird! but the dnc is playin yo ass smooth to the cliff! FACTS!!

  10. Soooooo… hes lying for leading with love, then he can’t say he loves Donald trump… you spread love to EVERYONE even the people you lead with hate and that’s how you lead with love but y’all are ignorant and don’t understand that

  11. These guys are a joke.
    People listen to this every day?
    I won’t judge but I hope to God this isn’t the ONLY thing they listen to.

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