Kanye West: The Backlash | TMZ Live

Kanye’s rant has got some people talking.

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I Caught U Slippin

I have a passion for blogging about what's trending in Hip Hop, R&B, and Celebrity Entertainment. I'm a huge sports fan; my favorite teams are The NY Knicks & NY Jets. I also enjoy spending time with family, and working hard as hard work pays off.

27 thoughts on “Kanye West: The Backlash | TMZ Live

  1. HARVEY LEVIN , is a trump supporter ass kisser .he should let the black guys talk WHITE MEN SHOULD NOT SPEAK ABOUT SLAVERY, THEY SOUND STUPID AND IGNORANT……

  2. Seems like a miscommunication–Kanye's mind is going faster than he can deal with. I think I understand what he was trying to say…he just didn't get it out in a way that was easy to understand.

  3. Kanye West is a Stacey Dash as fool too me that was the damage shit he ever said out his mouth and I don't think he can take this back the Kardashian curse got him

  4. Van is like whatever man he was stupid sounded stupid look that stupid I unfollow his ass I'm talking about me after he said that stupid ass

  5. Tmz is full of shit spinning this shit around.i think they Misconscred what he said if he meant that shit he would have been boycott for sure.

  6. You guys know what he meant. Kanye meant that 400 years is a choice because the guy he quoted said 200 years. USA SLAVERY WAS JUST OVER 200 YEARS!! NOT 400. . 200 YEARS AGO IT ENDED. SO THATS 400 YEARS. SOMEONE SAID TO HIM 400 Y3ARS OF SLAVERY. SO THAT WOULD BE A CHOICE RIGHT? SINCE THERE IS NO SLAVERY. use your minds not hate

    AMEN 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 AMEN

  8. I think that Kanye was trying to say that slavery had been embedded in African Americans lives that they live in that mentality til today. I think he just didn't think fully before choosing the right words.

  9. Its insulting to assume that black people FEEL victimized because of slavery. The facts are we ARE victimized because of slavery. We are socially, economically, and spiritually disenfranchised as a result of slavery. The laws on the books and the way im which our justice, economic, etc system treats slave descendants is still very REAL. We as a people are the strongest people alive, our sheer ability to have accomplished what we have accomplished as a result is indicative of us NOT allowing ourselves to be victimized. However, this does not in any way mean BLACK PEOPLE ARE VICTIMS OF WHITE SUPREMACY THAT STILL EXISTS. One big example is the White House, Justice Center, etc.

  10. TMZ is responsible for the rage against Kanye. They posted the part of the interview that would stand out. They made it so people are hanging on the word "choice". That was not the full jist of what Kanye was saying. I wanna say we need to learn to listen and not be quick to judge…But the real problem is the media wanting these views. People no longer have a sensitivity to what is gonna break down another person. Its all about the views. But here we have caused everyone to band against Kanye for expressing is view (presented in TMZ's screwed and chopped version) and we are missing the point.

  11. Would he say that to his wife being Aremenian,did her ppl have a choice to be genocide,force into labour(slave)women,and children deported.They were in numbers….1 million slaughtered

  12. He had the oppurtunity to IMMEDIATELY explain or change what came out of his mouth YETHE DID NOT UNTIL HOURS LATER…i call that BULLSHIT

  13. Harvey you can see that none of your TMZ coworkers are on the same page as you and just so you know in the original video when Kanye West made that statement, slavery was a choice he smiled and looked at you not the guy next to him he directly looked at you and smirk a smile and did a little chuckle hoping for some reassurance from you but no all you did was look back to him what a blank expression. It sounds like you're trying to alter a manipulate situation for Kanye West trying to do damage control for him stop trying to do damage control just own the s*** he said slavery was a choice and it wasn't. Back in slavery time 400 years ago they weren't just physically slaved they were mentally enslaved psychological abuse is far more deadly than physical abuse. So no matter how you try to alter or manipulate the situation Harvey what Kanye West said was still wrong.

  14. So clearly this Candace gave him a conversation he needed mentally/emotionally/intellectually. KIM….what the hell are doing for Kanye other than laying on your back??? Please get your husband some help!!

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