Will You Support Kanye West? | The Joe Budden Podcast

Joe, Rory, and Mal discuss Kanye’s latest antics. Joe questions why no other prominent media personality challenges Kanye but instead gives him a pass for his behavior.

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33 thoughts on “Will You Support Kanye West? | The Joe Budden Podcast

  1. 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Joe betta speak! We need to stop supporting these celebs/companies/ media personalities that have used us to get popular then once they get accepted into the white community leave us high and dry. F KANYE WEST!!!

  2. I've been a Kanye fan from day one…however, I cannot/will not pretend this shit is okay! Wasn't this the "George Bush doesn't care about black people.." guy? I guess when the president & his income bracket changed, so did his mind, eh? It's even worse if he's doing it for album sales because he's showing us who he's marketing to! It's not us. Black folks were his starter wife. He got on and …well, you know the rest. Damn, what a disappointment! Ole, sunken place dwelling ass!

  3. I dont mind having different views from another black man, if one wants to be either Democrat or Republican let him be but one thing you have to remember is that you're Black before anything else. Never forget that you cant blend in just because you are a conservative

  4. I'm so over being black as my self accepted master status. I prefer to bask in the goodness of what I have earned socially, spiritually and intellectually and then the goodness from my particular black culture. The world can think whatever they want about me.

  5. I like Kayne west musically and use to like him outside of music however I felt Kanye hasn't been the same since his Mom past many years ago and especially once he got with the whore and her family talking about he wants to give Tristian Thomas the fade if you don't knock it the fuck off in my Joe Budden Voice.

  6. You cant understand because you are looking at little labels and fear, that is what it is. When he praises the Owens Woman for challeging convetional black thought it means that he wants the convetional black thought to be free of their slave mentality, victim mentality. Slavery, racism, classism left a big wound on these people and he wants them to grow out of it. When he admires Donald Trump it means that he liked his approach to his campaign, it doesnt mean he agrees with all his politics. He just tweeted "my wife just called me and she wanted me to make this clear to everyone. I don't agree with everything Trump does. I don't agree 100% with anyone but myself"

  7. I'm sorry but Kanye is right (Honestly when isn't he). He said he likes THE WAY she thinks; nothing mentioned about WHAT she thinks. The current political climate has people believing that politics is binary; you either agree with everything the typical republican thinks or the same for the democrats; the reality is it's a spectrum. I'm from the UK and I have a cousin who aligns very strongly with republican views (he's pretty extreme in everything he thinks and isn't open to being wrong which is a nightmare to deal with sometimes), and he gets mad every time someone grills him for being a gun lover. The culture is different here so as right wing as he is, he is completely anti guns. The irony is that as much as he hates being boxed in, he is literally the first person to put all liberals in the same box. What this environment has created is knee-jerk responses to anything that appears to align with what we disagree with, and due to biased media (on all sides), people are primed into seeing the worst of the opposite side; hence such a strong reaction to an ambiguous tweet from Kanye. I doubt it was tweeted at the time of recording this, but Ye made it clear on twitter that he does not agree with everything trump does (the only person he 100% agrees with is himself); this should honesty have been assumed but like I said people hold Trump to the worst of his mistakes so they don't care to understand why Kanye would make a statement like that. Honestly nothing Kanye has said actually contradicts what he was known for saying in the past. If it isn't clear yet, he endorsed these people because they are free thinkers who break the mould of conventional society. Conventional society's 'group think' and 'thought policing' are the reason frustrations boiled over to this tipping point in the first place and he thinks we need to move away from that; he's correct.

  8. Of course not. This is even before he got with that Kim character. His whole “wanting to get into fashion” bullshit was a clear sign he lost touch with shit. He’s an easily brainwashed dude. He supports whoever gives him the most hugs. No thanks lol

  9. I expect a tweet from Kanye when 2black men were arrested at Starbucks and recently the lady arrested cops exposing her private parts FUCK! KANYE WEST!! Charlemagne not speaking bout this Kanye fuck shit!? Compromised

  10. Yeezy bout to be outta here. He's been trying to get embraced by the other half of wypipo. 1st he was the media darling of white liberals, now he is maga cooning. Ye want all the white folks 😂

  11. So if kanye said he loves hillary or bill Clinton, or obama then y'all wouldn't have a problem with him? Damn y'all are so far lost. Ya really think there is a difference between any of them when it comes to their regard to the "common joe". Since JFK there is no difference between rep and dem. Just different wings on the same bird. They portray like there is a difference so we think we still have a choice at the polls. Wake the fuck up children. People let everything divide each other which is why this country is where it is.

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